Pentru viaţă (“For Life”) magazine no 1, Spring 2013 – “Love Them Both”


After the first issue (Spring 2013) of „Pentru viaţă” (“For Life”) magazine, the official publication of Romania’s March For Life 2013, went out of stock, its publisher, Studenţi pentru viaţă Association, received many requests for a reprint.

Before your generous donations can make this happen, the association decided to offer the entire content of that magazine issue by publishing it online.

Please fiind below the Table of Contents with active links to the articles published in the ”Pentru viaţă” magazine no. 1 / Spring 2013, whose cover theme was “Love Them Both”.


Editorial: “Love them both!”

What you should know about pregnancy termination

Cristina Stamate, Romanian actress: “It lingered in my mind that my first child was a boy”

A child’s life is valuable regardless of the way it was conceived

Life is a young pregnant woman’s best choice

How abortion became legal in Europe

Statistics: Victims of war versus victims of abortion

Do you know there are forced abortions in Romania?

Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor

Voices for Life

Clic aici pentru Consiliere în criză de sarcină, violență conjugală şi sindrom post-avort

Access here the digital format of the magazine.

Design: Bogdan Dragomir / Direct Design

The Editor ofPentru viaţă” magazine is Alexandra Nadane, President of Studenţi pentru Viaţă.Association.


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Studenţi pentru viaţă Association


We believe in respecting all people’s right to life, from conception to their natural death. We consider that only by supporting the mother and the child one can have a young generation assuming responsibility within family and society.

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