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This is a young woman’s true story. In her situation, many young women chose abortion, considering it as the only option to get rid of a burden. They are not aware that human beings have their own identity from the very moment of conception. They simply make the child a scapegoat for their irresponsible bahavior. But there are some young women, like Andreea, who chose life.  For them, birth is life’s natural fulfillment, its ongoing miracle. Here is Andreea’s story:

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 My name is Andreea and I am 22.  For almost three years, I was in a relationchip with a boy whom I loved very much, but our love soon faded because of his jealous scenarios and his behavior changed radically.

When I started the relationship, I was a virgin waiting for the right moment to start my sexual life. Things weren’t going very well, so I postponed the moment, hoping he would become as I formerly knew him. I went to Italy to work as a hostess for some time, thinking this break would give him the opportunity to change. After nine months, I came back because I was deeply in love with him. So I decided to start our sexual life, thinking that our relation will improve in this way.

Unfortunately, the decision was a regrettable one.  We decided to protect so as not to have children, because we were not feeling prepared for it. I am against contraception, because I read about it. Contraceptives don’t impede fertilization. They just stop the newly formed human being from nestling into the wall of the uterus. As a consequence, they are not based on prophylaxis (prevention), they are simply abortive. Although their way of action is known, it is not advertised, so as to encourage contraception use.

I did not use contraception, so I got pregnant. I found out about it after five weeks and my reaction was one of denial. I regretfully need to admit that my first thought was to get an abortion, but it lasted for only a few minutes. I was aware abortion is a crime and a lethal form of discrimination based on age and the baby’s location.

After a month, we separated for good. After many quarrels, he became aggressive and I could not accept his attitude. For the first time I decided to leave him behind. Separation got me into deppresion. I was deeply suffering, I lost a lot of weight and I was haunted by chronic sleeplessness. My despair aggravated after my older sister threw me out of the house despite the fact that I was pregnant. It was difficult to accept my pregnancy and the idea that I woul be a single mother, without home, career, without any support from my family, without any stability or security.

I tought I should give him another chance and tried to get along with him during the nine months of pregnancy, but in vain. It was torture. He was a tyrant. I suffered and I cried a lot when I was pregnant, but inside I fought with all my being to remain strong and serene for my little girl.

After I gave birth to my little girl, I decided to leave her father. I am more anxious than happy, because I am a single mother and I don’t know how I am going to raise my child, but I shall fight with all my strength for my child.

The choices I made brought me indescriptible peace and satisfaction.

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