Voice of Romania prize winner and mother of Down Syndrome Twins: “I don’t understand how exterminating a genetically flawed pregnancy is a good thing”


On March 21st, World’s Down’s Syndrome Day, “La Măruţă“ show on ProTV channel has hosted Cristina Bălan, winner of the fifth and most recent edition of the Voice of Romania singing competition. For the first time, she talked about the real motivation of her participation in the competition.

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Just before La Măruță TV show, her husband, Gabriel Bălan, posted a revealing message on Facebook saying:

No matter how sympathetic people are, they can hardly understand what is going on inside a parent who has a special nestling (or even more). During the competition to win the Voice of Romania trophy, I have repeatedly said there is a reason why Cristina chose to compete. That reason has been them, OUR MIRACLES, our babies – Toma and Matei, but also the 50,000 Romanian children diagnosed with DS. They are the REASON! We have risked everything for them and today, on Down’s Syndrome Day, we are coming about the meaning of the Down Syndrome and about what we can all do (ALL OF US!) , for these special children. Because, obviously, if we really want it, we can really ‪#‎schimbămviațaîmpreună‬ (#changelifetogether)!

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During La Măruță TV show, the singer sorrowfully described the discrimination her children have suffered before and after their birth:

I was told I could have a medical abortion. Honestly, that hurt me most – the fact that my pregnancy was not considered viable, it was defective. I don’t understand how one can say that exterminating a genetically flawed pregnancy is a good thing. I have heard many such opinions burning the soul like hot branding iron. It is very painful.

When my boys were one year old we took them to a medical exam. The doctor threw us out, because I told him Down Syndrome was not a disease. It seems to me doctors show coldness to this condition. I wouldn’t want to use tough words, but it does seem to me doctors look at them with disgust. It’s like these children are scraps. It is a definitive genetic condition. I may be wrong, but too often I am under the impression that doctors look in a strange way at my boys, as if saying they were defective. I may be too subjective, though, too afraid of discrimination.

The Bălan twins, Toma David and Matei Nikolas, are three years old. Cristina Bălan (photo above, next to her husband) has decided to start her own campaign to raise awareness about the problems Down Syndrome persons and their families are confronted with.

Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)
The Down Syndrome is a developmental disorder caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21 in one’s genetic code. This makes it difficult for cells to properly control how much protein is made. Producing too much or too little protein can have serious consequences, according to an explanation offered on the website of the University of Utah.

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