Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor – “Pentru viata” (“For Life”) magazine, no. 1/Spring 2013


Some 45 days before she was supposed to be born naturally, Gianna Jessen was aborted. Gianna had a chance in millions: she survived abortion.

On September 8th, 2008, at Queen’s Hall, in Melbourne, Australia, Gianna Jessen spoke in front of the Parliament of the Australian State of Victoria. It was during the debates on legalizing abortion on demand in this state.

Here are some excerpts from her speech, live testimony to an undeniable reality: abortion kills people.

I’m adopted. My biological mother was 17 and so was my biological father. She was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she decided to go to Planned Parenthood, which is the largest abortion provider in the world. And they counseled her to have a late-term saline abortion, which is saline solution injected into the mother’s womb baby gulps that solution and it burns the baby inside and aut. She is to deliver a dead babywithin 24 hours. And, to everyone’s great shock and surprise, I didn’t arrive dead, but alive on April 6th, 1977 in a Los Angeles county abortion clinic. What’s fantastic about this, about the perfect timing of my arrival is that the abortionist was not on duty yet. So he wasn’t even given the opportunity to continue on with his plan for my life, which was death. (…) And so, I was delivered alive, as I have already said, after 18 hours. I should be blind. I should be burned. I should be dead. And yet I’m not.

You know what is a fantastic vindication? It’s the fact that the abortionist had to sign my birth certificate. So I know who he is. And it also says, for any skepticals, on my medical records: “Born during saline abortion”. Ha! They didn’t win. I’ve done some research on the man who performed the abortion on me. And his clinics are the largest chain of clinics in the United States of America and they gross 70 million dollars a year. I’ve read a quote from him at some point several years ago and he said: “I have aborted over a million babies and I consider it my passion”. I tell you these things because, listen, ladies and gentleman, we are into an interesting battle – whether we realize it or not – in this world: it is the battle between life and death. What side are you on?

So a nurse called an ambulance in Henry transferred to a hospital, which is absolutely miraculous, because generally the practice at the time, until 2002 in my country, was to end the life of an abortion survivor by strangulation, suffocation, leaving the baby there to die or throwing the baby away. (…)

And so after I was placed into an emergency foster home where they decided they didn’t like me very much. (…) So, after I was placed in a mean home, I was taken out of the mean home and placed into another home, a beautiful home, Penny’s home. She said by this time I was 17 months old, 32 pounds of dead weight and diagnosed with what I consider to be the gift of cerebral palsy, which was caused directly by the lack of oxygene to my brain while I was trying to survive.

Now, I am just compelled to say this: if abortion is merely about women’s rights, ladies and gentlemen, then what with mine? There was not a radical feminist standing up yelling about how my rights were being violated that day – in fact, my life was being snuffed aut in the name of women’s rights.

And, ladies and gentleman, I would not have cerebral palsy had I not survived to live it. So, when I hear the appalling disgusting argument that we should have abortions because the child just might be disabled – the horror that fills my heart!

Ladies and gentlemen, there are things that you’ll only be able to learn by the weakest among us. And, when you snuff them out, you are the one who loses. The Lord looks after them, but you are the ones who will suffer forever.

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