Do you know there are forced abortions in Romania? – “Pentru viata” (“For Life”) magazine, no. 1/Spring 2013


by Alexandra Nadane

Teenage pregnancy is one of today’s most pressing issues. It is not only a medical, but also a social one. Unfortunately though, there are only a few who try to address it.

The notion applies to pregnant mothers aged between 13 and 19. Teenage girls often get involved in intimate relationships out of the desire to be “cooler” than their peers. Media aggressive display of sexuality also contributes to the girls’ seeking such relationships.

The young mother is not able to support herself, even less so a baby. Quite often she will be confronted with criticism and hostile attitude, even among her family and loved ones. The consequence will be a natural reaction manifested through shock, confusion, shame, fear and panic. Girls don’t deal too well with powerful emotions. Most of the times, these emotions lead to depression and affect the teenage girl’s psyche. Suddenly, there comes the question: “What to do next: keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy?” How to get out of this conundrum? It is essential to be there for the teenage girl at this time, so as she can get support from a person she trusts and who stays by her.

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Abortion clinics exist because, when a teenage girl has made the first step towards it there was no one to tell her that taking the life she carries in her womb will not solve her problems. On the contrary, it will only aggravate them. Nobody tells her that she cand give birth to the child and then give it for adoption. Nobody encourages nor supports her (not even morally) to give birth to the child, as she naturally desires.

Read below the testimony received by pro-life counselors at ProVita Bucuresti.

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My name is B. and I am four weeks pregnant. I am 21 and i have always wanted this child. But now I don’t know what to do. I am going crazy and I need advice. Four weeks into the pregnancy, the child’s father told me to get an abortion, despite the fact that, when I first told him, he was very happy. He lives abroad with his parents, of whom he depends financially and his mother did not rejoice into this finding.

My folks are very severe and thy have old-fashioned ideas. I haven’t told them yet and I am not going to tel them before I find a solution for myself and the child. I looked for help everywhere. I do not want to get an abortion, but there will not be any help from my boyfriend or my parents. And I cannot hope for anything else.

I know that getting an abortion will change me forever. I’m afraind of my parents, I’m afraid of what people will say about it. i have nowhere to go to carry through with my pregnancy and raise the baby. Please help me, because I am desperate, knowing I shall kill my own child. I’d rather die with it in my womb than kill it.

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