Editorial: “Love Them Both!” – “Pentru viata” (“For Life”) magazine, no. 1 / Spring 2013


by Alexandra Nadane

Once upon a time…

There was a pregnant young woman who was left without any support from her boyfriend, her parents and from all the other. The only solution seemed to be a pregnancy termination, a procudere she was quite familiar with, since she had undergone three before.

The easiest thing she could do was to call her mom and get an appointment to have an abortion. Just before going to her appointement, she had a thought, though. “My, God, if You really want me to keep this baby, then help me!” She wasn’t a practising believer, but it was quite obvious that only god could have changed that situation. Her boyfriend had some health problems and could not work, and her parents were not willing to welcome him into their family, so they did their best to keep him at bay.

So abortion was the only way the problem could be dealt with.She had no idea why, but this time she felt she needed to find a real solution. Her last attempt to find such a solution was to write an email to a humanitarian aid organization, asking for support. But women going through pregnancy crisis were not the target beneficiaries of that organization.

Nevertheless, within that organization, in front of the computer, reading emails, was someone who, after receiving her message, picked up the phone and called her. It was a desperate email, you just could not pass over it. They decided to meet and the other person encouraged her, offered her some basic counseling and then supported her all though the pregnancy, with the help of other people who positively reacted to her story.

Shortly after, the young woman married the father of her child and now they have three kids together. Of course, their story does not end here an is not free of other problems.

But now they have other people’s support.

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Later, there were other young women who had already been through the trauma of abortion after they had lacked support or even had been threatened by boydriend or family, young women who had even been throuwn out of their parents’ house. When the person would meet them and find out their story, she would ask herself: Why it was too late? Why hadn’t she been able to reach earlier to them? What was she doing when they were desperately seeking for some help?

There’s a very difficult period from the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant and until she has the abortion. Pressure is even harder for those who are teenagers or very young. They need constant support and sustained efforts to make them keep the baby. That is why we have established Studenţi pentru viaţă Association. Its mission is to educate young people to assume responsibility within family and society, who are able to show love, respect and value to the mother and her child, because they both deserve love and support.

There is a long road ahead of us and our journey has just begun, while the mission we have assumed is not an easy one. All forms of support for our programs – volunteer work, financial support, even prayer – will help us get closer to a mother in pregnancy crisis and help her keep her baby.

Let’s love them both!

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