PHOTO, VIDEO: The March for life 2019 “Unique from the First Second” in Bucharest, Romania

On March, 23, 2019, over 600 cities and towns from Romania and the Republic of Moldova hosted the 9th national edition of The March for Life 2019 “Unique from the First Second”, the highlight of the Pro-Life Month (March 1-31) in the two countries.

The March for Life movement is non-confessional and non-political, but open to all religious confessions and to all political actors willing to support it. The Pro-Life Month and The March for Life are organized yearly by many independent local organizers across the two countries. In Kishnev, the Capital city of the Republic of Moldova, is organized by the Moldova pentru viață (“Moldova for Life”) association.

The Pro-Life Month includes events such as pro-life debates, handcrafted pro-life signs workshops, pro-life movie sceenings, famiy photo exhibitions and public pro-life book readings for children. This year, on March 19, Bucharest also saw the second edition of the “Babies Go to the Parliament” event: mothers who had gone through a pregnancy crisis visited the Parliament of Romania together with their children, telling the members of the Ecumenical Prayer Group that the support they received was essential in helping them chose life for their babies. The meeting was organized at the initiative of Studenți pentru viață București association.

On the same day, a similar event was held for the first time in the EU Parliament in Brussels: “Babies Go to the European Parliament”. It hosted pregnancy help center directors from Romania, mothers who had gone through a pregnancy crisis, Romanian social workers and European politcians who expressed the wish to put on the European agenda an issue too much overlooked by policy-makers: the need to offer support to women in pregnacy crisis. The event in Brussels was an initiative of Alexandra Nadane, Executive Director of “St. Alexandra the Empress” pregnancy help center in Bucharest, materialized wit hthe help of Romanian unaffiliated MEP Cătălin Ivan.

In Bucharest, Romania’s Capital city, the event has been organized, since 2014, by Studenți pentru viață București, the Bucharest branch of the only Romanian pro-life students’ organization.

The march from Bucharest, streamed live on Facebook, hosted speeches by Eliza-Maria Cloțea, president of Studenți pentru viață București, Alexandra Nadane, president of România pentru viață (“Romania for Life”) association, Romanian unaffiliated EMP Cătălin Ivan, women testifying about pregnancy crisis, mothers with many children, personsa working with and raising children with disabilities, and Monica Radu, a disabled mother who has given life to three children.

Speeches from the Bucharest March for Life 2019

Full VIDEO (Romanian). The First Edition of the “Babies Go to the European Parliament” Event at the European Parliament

PRESS RELEASE. The Pro-Life Month and the March for Life 2019 – “Unique from the first Second”: Truth and Love Will Save Us

VIDEO. Aerial view of the March for Life 2019 “Unique from the First Second” in Bucharest, Romania

Another full VIDEO of the March for Life 2019 “Unique from the First Second” in Bucharest, Romania

PHOTO GALLERY by Raluca Ene, photographer of News Agency

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