PRESS RELEASE. The Pro-Life Month and the March for Life 2019 – “Unique from the first Second”: Truth and Love Will Save Us

Humans have gone to the Moon; they have mapped out the human DNA, and some of them have become saints – yet as a society, we have yet to learn how to take care of our unborn children.

Why is it that so many human beings, who are unique from the very first second, never get to see the light of day, rest upon a mother’s chest, or be held by fatherly arms right after they have come into this world?

According to an incomplete statistical report, between January and September, 2018, a number of 44 000 children were aborted in Romania, while in 2017, 12 025 children were aborted in the Republic of Moldova. And there are many more who are not even covered by statistics: children whose lives were cut short through drug-induced abortions, or in private clinics at home or abroad.

Throughout the world, 42 million children were aborted in 2018. Yet even these statistical data are incomplete, as there so many places remain in the West, East, North, and South, where unborn children do not matter – not even for as much as a statistical set of data.

According to another statistical report, over 1 billion people have been aborted since 1918. These data are incomplete, too, because all along these years, there have been plenty of places where unborn children have been completely ignored.

Yet it is not only them who lost something – their lives! – but also all the rest of us – the survivors, who have missed out on their presence next to us, their gifts, and what every one of them could have been.

We have pretended not knowing a simple fact: that they live and are unique from the very moment of their conception. And thus we have brushed aside the love that we should have naturally shown them and their mothers.

Let us re-learn how to love and protect these children and those who carry them in their wombs! The good of each and every one of us springs only from truth and love.

We are calling upon you, the clergy, and ask you to please teach us how to see the truth and fulfill our calling, which is to love our neighbour!

We are calling upon you, social workers and everyone else who can provide specialized help to women in a pregnancy crisis: save a child, save a mother!

We are calling upon you, politicians, who have the possibility – and the duty! – to support women in a pregnancy crisis. We are asking you not to ignore them by invoking legal abortion, as a law cannot cancel these women’s existence and does not stop you from helping them to get assistance. We have asked this in recent years; we ask this now: help future mothers, by granting them an indemnity payable on the fourth and eighth months of their pregnancies. It is a minimum sign of acknowledgement of the responsibility they take upon themselves, of the gift that they bring to life.

We are calling upon you, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, workmates and friends: please support the unborn children! They are unique from the first second; they need your love and they will reward you for it with their unique gifts and unique love!

We are calling upon you, pregnant women facing the pressure of having an abortion: do not let fear overwhelm you! Love conquers fear – and your child’s love will give you strength. Every child is unique and has their own, unique road that God has intended for them to follow. Give your unborn child the chance to discover it!

The March for Life is non-political and non-confessional. We do not support any kind of violence against women and we do not ask for a ban on legal abortion. Local organizers are independent from one another.

Let us express our love for every one of the unborn children and celebrate their uniqueness by taking part in the March for Life “Unique from the First Second”, which will be held on March 23! Come join us!

Eliza-Maria CLOȚEA
“Studenți pentru viață”, The Romanian Pro-Life Students’ Association
March 1, 2019

We hereby repeat our last year’s call towards our society, to develop support tools for women in pregnancy crises, by:

  • setting up help centres where women in a pregnancy crisis can request free psychological counseling as well as assistance from social workers specialized in pregnancy crises;
  • creating a legal framework that allows pregnant women who believe that they are unable to raise a child to put their children up for adoption right after birth – based on the system of adoption during pregnancy, practiced in the U.S., the UK, and Australia;
  • enhancing the role of the members of society involved in adopting, in order to do away with derisive attitudes regarding the adopted children, adoptive parents, and particularly mothers or parents who put their children up for adoption when major difficulties make them unable to properly take care of them;
  • making it legally possible for miscarrying mothers to inter their children.

This March for Life is at its 9th national edition and it will take place in over 600 towns and cities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Abroad, the March for Life was held for the first time in Washington, D.C., on January 22, 1974. In Romania, it was first organized in Timișoara, in 2008. The evolution of the number of March for Life organizing cities in recent years:
2013 – 23 cities in Romania;
2014 – 40 cities in Romania;
2015 – 79 cities (77 in Romania and 2 in the Republic of Moldova);
2016 – 130 cities (110 in Romania and 20 in the Republic of Moldova); “The Pro-Life Month” was also introduced that same year (from March 1 to 31);
2017 – 287 (138 in Romania and 149 cities and towns in the Republic of Moldova).
2019 – We estimate that the March for Life and its related activities will take place during The Pro-Life Month in over 500 towns and villages in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

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