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On the occasion of Romania and the Republic of Moldova’s March for Life 2016, “For Life” magazine no. 5 was published, promoting the theme of the 2016 March edition: “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Woman.

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This theme emphasizes that the welfare of the woman is closely connected to the welfare of the child – her child – and the welfare of the family comes always as a consequence of the afore-mentioned. Whoever wants to be pro-woman needs to be pro-life, too.

Statistics have shown that up to 80% of abortions happen due to pressure by a man who doesn’t want to assume his child. That is why the 2016 March for Life wants to raise awareness that society and small local communities as well as the extended family – and indeed each of us individually – need to stand by the women who go through pregnancy crisis: first of all morally, but also by helping them materially to fulfil their womanhood and natural motherly vocation when they wish so.

A first step towards this would be to raise public awareness about this need by publishing testimonies from women who went through pregnancy crisis. Society needs to hear them speak. Their story – be it with or without happy end – can be truly life-saving.

You can send in full confidentiality your personal testimony to be published in volume and online (even an anonymous story can save lives!) at the email address

The next step would be meeting the needs of the women in pregnancy crisis by establishing more local help centers for them. These should consolidate the community around helping its vulnerable women to keep their babies – as it happens in the US, where these centers are three times more numerous than the abortion clinics and this has led a steady drop in abortion rates.

When such centers will become just as widespread in Romania, too, through the efforts of private persons and small organizations, this will pressure political decision factors to enforce more sustained pro-life and pro-woman public policies.

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You can read online “For Life” magazine no. 5, “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Woman” – Spring 2016 by clicking on the links below.


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