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The March for Life 2016 theme, “Pro-Life, Pro-Woman, Pro-Family”, strongly affirms it is only natural that men, family and society support pregnant women. For this purpose, we have set out to gather testimonies about pregnancy crisis: 101 Happy Women Who Chose Life and 101 Regretted Abortions.

We wish to publish these books for women who may be faced with pregnancy crisis in the future and also for all of us who may find ourselves close to women in pregnancy crisis and who are mostly ignorant about what this situation really means.

We hope these testimonies make as many people as possible aware that pregnancy crisis is one of the toughest ordeals a woman can get through and that we all need to support her – even more so if we consider ourselves her family or friends, if we truly want to say she means something to us.


Dear friends and collaborators,


There are few things in our daily life that have such a huge impact and are so little understood as pregnancy crisis. Pregnancy crisis is the time in a woman’s life when abortion appears as a viable alternative to keeping the baby and giving birth to it.

Pregnancy crisis can happen at the most diverse moments in a woman’s life. Direct experience and scientific bibliography show us there is nothing that can prevent pregnancy crisis. Good financial and social status, marital status, the presence or absence of other children, age, intellectual, educational or cultural level, the woman and her child’s good health, the good quality of the relationship with the child’s father, the opinion of friends and family, the context of conception – none of these can prevent pregnancy crisis.

Therefore, in order to support a woman in this situation, we need the most diverse approaches, each adapted to the respective crisis context – from very simple 15-minute conversations to more complex emotional and material support for a longer period, which can take years.

In this diversity, there are, of course, some unifying traits. Thus, for about 80% of all abortions, the father’s support would have sufficed to resolve the pregnancy crisis and bring the child to the world. Even more sadly, another unifying trait in pregnancy crisis is the violence of the child’s father – from verbal pressure to serious physical violence.

To help women in crisis and those around who can support them if they wish, we intend to publish a set of books with testimonies about pregnancy crisis.

As their titles say, each of these books describes one aspect the pregnancy crisis: the crisis seen from the perspective of the pregnant woman, from that of the child’s father, from that of the family and friends, from the perspective of the unborn child’s siblings, of the surviving child (who was born and later found out about his mother’s pregnancy crisis), from the perspective of giving the child for adoption right after birth and so on.

We invite you to send your life-saving testimonies at the email address

We can publish them completely anonymously and can guarantee that your personal data will only be made public if the sender explicitly requires so.

We need completely true testimonies, without the slightest fiction in them, because stark truth is pivotal to approaching pregnancy crisis.

We have met women who regretted abortion before they had it, women who started regretting it just as it was happening, women who regretted it right after they left the operating table and women who regretted it decades after it happened.

But we haven’t yet met a woman to urge her daughter: “You should have at least an abortion, because it’s good for you!”

That is why these books are meant to raise awareness about and ask for forgiveness from women in pregnancy crisis – forgiveness for having so easily passed by them, remaining unmoved by their turmoil and the life of the child they were carrying.

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