Romania’s March for Life 2015: Voices for life

Photo: Dinu Savopol Photography

The Bucharest March for Life 2015 – “Every Life Is a Gift” ended with the Live for Life concert, reuniting artists performing pro-bono because they appreciate and celebrate life. This year’s edition of the concert had a big name on the poster: Romanian rock band IRIS, loved by many generations of fans.

Here are some of the Live for Life artist’s statements regarding their involvement in the project:


Veteran rocker Nelu Dumitrescu from IRIS rock band (drums) declared: “We try to do what we can to educate society about abortion. We could just as easy have had one, as my wife had asthma when my boy was born. He was our firstborn, we had no money and we knew nothing. But the little child had his right to life”.

Photo: Claudia Enescu

In a post-event interview for, Ioana Picos (photo above) referred to the statistical fact that over 22 million babies have been aborted since 1958 in Romania, which makes one more time the country’s population: “We should be aware that really we are survivors of our times. For each Romanian who was born, another one did not get to see the light”. She also commented that abortion is never a solution, but just a consumerist quick-fix: “The real solution is in resorting to our real human nature – the man should assume the woman and his child, the woman should be able to become a mother without fearing that she will lose her job or will be dumped by the man. Family is the engine which gives you purpose in life, which makes you feel you are surrounded by love at the end of the day. And Romania is fighting to keep this”.

Photo: Claudia Enescu

Tenor Vlad Mirita, who sang for the second time in a row at a Live for Life concert, declared the day before Live for Life 2015: “We live in a world where everything natural gets denied. Ultimately, life itself is being denied. That is why I urge Romanians: to pass through the filter of their soul whatever society and mass media propose. I entreat them to be very selective and plea for their insightfulness!”


17-year old Rafaelo Varga (photo above), X-Factor tv music show’s recently discovered talent, who was raised in foster homes and only recently adopted, wanted to sing at the Live for Life concert because the event said something deep about his life: “My mother abandoned me, but I want to thank her for giving me life, if only for this and I am very proud of her. I have chosen to get involved in the March for Life because I believe that every child is a divine gift that you can neither buy, nor have whenever you want“.



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