Romanian sculptor Virgil Scripcariu, father of six, says family life helped him find authentic expression in his art


Romanian artist Virgil Scripcariu, father of six and disciple of internationally awarded sculptor Vasile Gorduz, has said he was only able to find his way in art only after he set up his own family. Thus, he contradicts the Romantic myth of the solitary and misunderstood artist.

Life has confirmed this and artistic success has followed in the footsteps of his family life, as if his inspiration thrived in the warmth of his home. The most recent stage of his artistic evolution has everything to do with family and was confirmed in London, where last year he was invited to exhibit at a selective art fair entitled Art 15. He displayed in London bronze and wood sculptures and drawings.

His recent artistic expression has ripen in time and gained consistence after he moved with the family to Piscu, at 40 km distance from Bucharest, where he and his spouse have opened a local school. They currently organize creation workshops for children seeking extra-curricular activities to help them appreciate beauty and creativity.

The heart of the Agatonia School is Mrs. Adriana Scripcariu (photo below), the sculptor’s wife, who was awarded at the Woman of the Year 2014 gala for it. The school is authorized by the Romanian Education Ministry and is ARACIS accredited. Mrs Scripcariu is also the author of an optional manual teaching notions of cultural patrimony to children in the 3rd to the 6th grade.

Photo: Avantaje magazine

This atmosphere has naturally nourished the sculptor’s creation, which started to focus on the fruitful idea of maternity, along with other artistic explorations in a mature and well-balanced expression. The exhibition sent to London was entitled in a tenderly playful way: “SuperMam”.

The artist declared, quoted by Formula-AS weekly: “It’s the world I navigate through daily, made of my large family and the situations we need to face all the time. I have worked on a name to which I only changed the last letter (Supermam instead of Superman – editor’s note) and thus I fundamentally changed its message. In a world full of supermans, I wanted to talk about the mother, a much more delicate being, acknowledging the superiority of her delicacy. This exhibition is dedicated to my wife. Because she gave birth to six children and this means a lot for me and her. She is six times a SuperMom, one time for every child. A goddess! We, as men, can only acknowledge and bow to this”.


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Now presents you, courtesy of AnnArt Gallery, other photos with Virgil Scripcariu’s recent work:








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