During the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world rediscovers the original meaning of the rainbow as a symbol of LIFE and HOPE

Prince Louis (left); Italian window during pandemic (right)

The fact that the rainbow re-emerged in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic shows that people rediscover the original meaning of this Biblical symbol stolen by the latest decades’ ideological movements.

While the homosexual parades, like all other public events, have been cancelled worldwide, people go back to the original sense of this old symbol of life and hope.

Families with children isolated at home in different countries, from Spain to the Republic of Moldova, put in their windows and balconies drawings of the rainbow, always accompanied by the message of hope in different languages:

“Everything will be fine!”

Thus, a positive effect of the current pandemic is that, when it comes to really important things, reality prevails over ideology: the rainbow is a universal symbol of hope, a sign sent by God to Noah, with the divine promise that the world won’t be put an end to.

Paradoxically, although the pro-homosexuality movement touted the rainbow as a symbol of diversity, the singular cradle of diversity is in fact natural family. Only the natural man-woman complementarity is able to naturally give birth to life, to children.

Involuntarily, the British Royal Family has recently claimed this very meaning of the rainbow as they celebrated Prince Louis’ birthday on Twitter with a rainbow.

The boy’s mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, photographed her son while he was painting rainbows – both on paper and… on himself, as any toddler would do.

The message accompanying one of the photos was: “Sharing a sneak peek of Prince Louis’s handiwork ahead of his second birthday”.

One image shows what the royal child painted with his hands, while the other presents him with the cheeks painted in rainbow colors after he put his hands on his face.

It is time that Christian faithful of all denominations and the global pro-life and pro-family movement courageously assume this symbol, so as it does not end up in the hands of a few ideologues who are more vocal than numerous.

See below Prince Louis’ photos, photos of families from around the world posting the rainbow in their windows and balconies, a drawing made by a student of a Christian Orthodox school in Romania and some signs from the previous editions of the March for Life Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The signs use the rainbow colors to promote the beauty of Life and Family.

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Prince Louis’ rainbow

Rainbows of hope around the world

A Romanian teenager’s thank-you drawing for medical staff

Signs used by the Romania and the Republic of Moldova March for Life

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