Bogdan Duca, conservative Romanian blogger: “A sexual ideology has made its flag of the rainbow, obscuring its biblical symbolism”

On November 4th, 2017, Bogdan Duca, a converted Christian and conservative blogger from Romania, has written on his Facebook profile some enlightening thoughts about the rainbow as an ideological symbol. Please read below his thoughts.

I have recently found, in a vintage bookshop, a Bible in English with its covers in the colors of the rainbow. Its title really is “Rainbow Good News Bible”.

My first thought was that I had found a “gay Bible”, so I bought it out of a rather ideological curiosity: I wanted my own biblical text which had been adulterated by ideologues.

Obviously, it’s not a “gay Bible”. It is just the Holy Scripture in a very decent English translation, with a friendly cover and format allowing you to take it everywhere.

I realized with a guilty feeling that I have come to confuse the beautiful rainbow – biblical symbol of God’s promise that He won’t destroy the world again – with a sexual ideology only because the latter has made its flag of the rainbow, obscuring its biblical symbolism.

The rainbow belongs to God, it’s the symbol of His peace and our defense attorney, since the Bible tells us that God shall look upon its beauty and thus temper His anger and bear with us.

So how dare I confuse it with a short-lived ideological movement built around a sexual deviation?

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