Willing to advertise its pro-homosexuality support, KLM Airlines unwillingly shows the purposelessness of homosexual „families”

by Andrei Iosif, Stiripentruviata.ro

Recently, KLM has posted on its Facebook page a photo featuring three pairs of buckles and hooks from three rainbow-colored plane safety belts.

The first pair from below is made of buckle and hook, which fit perfectly when joined together, as all “mother”- and “father”-type connectors do. The second pair is made of two hooks (“father”-type connectors) and the third is made of two buckles (therefore two “mother”-type connectors).

The message accompanying this image is: “It doesn’t matter who you click with”.

The hijacking of a plane can be extremely serious for the passengers. Hijacking the meaning of the rainbow and its colors has been orchestrated with the purpose of hijacking family. The latter type of hijacking is more serious, because it affects much more people than the hijacking of a plane.

Would the authors of this ad board a plane where safety belts are of the three types they indicated? If their answer is “yes”, they would surely want to occupy only seats with the first type of safety belts – the “father” + “mother” type. Other types may look captivating in a photo, but they shall not protect at all in reality.

It is obvious that only by clicking buckle with hook (“father” – “mother”) shall the safety belt fulfill its purpose. Just the same, only at a much more complex level, life appears and is nurtured only within a man-woman relationship.

Thus, the real message of the photo published by KLM Airlines is that only the man-woman family can safely carry humankind further. Surely KLM Airlines did not want to say that. But it is very difficult to avoid that truth.

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