Romanian TV Star Mihaela Radulescu Fined by Anti-Discrimnation Body


Romania’s National Council for Fighting Discrimination (CNCD) has recently fined Romanian TV star Mihaela Radulescu with 3.000 RON (the equivalent of around 666 EUR!) for “hate speech against sexual minorities”.

The star had written a rather strong text on her personal blog saying that she resented the homosexual persons’ display of their sexual orientation in public as an aggression to her and her son, to whom she found offensive and difficult to explain why these persons behaved in a different way.

Mihaela Radulescu and her son Ayan


Romania’s anti-discrimination authority, through its Decision 400/09.09.2015, has ruled that “affirmations made by the person against whom the complaint was made (…) lead to creation of a hostile, intimidating and offensive environment which particularly reflects on a community, respectively the community of persons with another sexual orientation than the heterosexual one”.

The complaint agains Mihaela Rădulescu was filed by Romania’s newly-born LGBT association, MosaiQ, according to a statement by its President, Vlad Viski, as quoted by Romanian new portal BreakingNews24.


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