Romanian blogger: “The brave new world where women become men and men become women – accepting as normal what is abnormal is the shortcut to slavery”

Romanian blogger Dan Diaconu has posted on his Facebook account a short meditation on the transgenderism craze. He explains why accepting abnormality leads to slavery, because it forces us to divorce from nature and truth. Please read below his text:

“There was a time when women would blush to the vaguest sexual hint, which they sincerely condemned. At the time, sex was an exclusively private matter and lacked the beastly dimension it has acquired in our times.

There was a time when men were elegant, could carefully chose their words and knew how to talk to a woman without the blockage manifested by today’s dolts. At that time, women were not equal to men. Men were not equal to women, either. They were simply complementary to each other.

Try a simple exercise: think what we have achieved under the rule of the false ideology that we are compelled to worship. What have we gained as men since women became our “equals”? And what have they gained?

There were times when you could see elegant women in the street and this would give you profound visual pleasure. Now, in the street you can see sloppy women dressed just enough as not to be naked. Delicate women are a thing of the past. Now women drink alcohol alongside men, speak dirty, belch and swear worse than a boor. The image of the Romanian women wearing T-shirts with the message (against Romania’s ruling party): ”Blow me, PSD” is more than relevant.

On the other hand, men have suffered a mutation to the opposite direction. They dress aberrantly, in tight clothes. It gets you sick to look at the skinny jeans covering the crooked legs of today’s males. People who have reached the age of maturity, when they are supposed to have an idea about life, wear circus clothes: colored sneakers, tight T-shirts and torn jeans. The fashion trends are turning upside-down: men remove their body hair, while women experiment on “hairy pleasures”. There are special beauty parlors where effeminate males have their eyebrows tweezed and their manicure and pedicure done. I won’t even mention the “hairstylists”: not having one is absolutely gross.

The brave new world has dealt us a heavy blow: women are becoming men and men are becoming women. On top of it all, instead of a healthy laugh at this macabre sight, people are taking the joke seriously. It’s a sign of our times, proof of our degeneration. A programmed degeneration process which aims to create a vast majority of slaves.

Remember this: accepting as normal what is abnormal is the shortcut to slavery. Those who ease their conscience by saying: “You can’t help it, everybody does it!” will be part of the huge mass of slaves. The other will not have easier times, either. There is an actual interest to create a massive population of slaves. But, when all the craze is over, those who will have resisted will be the only ones still able to enjoy the freedom to decide according to their conscience. And this is probably the most important thing on Earth: being human starts with the freedom to make one’s own decisions.”

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