New Romanian law requires companies with a staff of minimum 50 to hire ideological expert: “The obsolete activist responsible with communist propaganda has been resuscitated as a gender equality expert”

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According to website, a brand-new Romanian law requires private companies with a minimum of 50 employees to hire or assign from their staff an equality expert. If they don’t comply, they risk a financial sanctioned between 3,000 and 100,000 Lei (approximately one to three monthly minimum wages with taxes included).

The expert will be trained to fight gender discrimination and “gender violence” as well as sexual harassment in the workplace.

A Facebook user from Bucharest, Romania, has published on the social media network some reflections on this topic. Here they are:

During Nicolae Ceasescu’s dictatorship, each enterprise or state institution had a “propaganda agent”, who was a party activist (for the younger audience, we’re talking of  the Communist Party) who was in charge with ideological training and with keeping the revolutionary spirit alive among employees.

After the fall of the regime you might have believed, just like I did, that we were through with them.
We were, but not for long.

Nowadays legislators are resuscitating the dusty old obsolete propaganda agent. He had died as all manifestations devoid of real substance do, after the theatrical performances called “party meetings” that he was organizing were not needed anymore.

But some want to have him resuscitated today as an ideology watchdog and under the name of “equality expert”, which is just as meaningless, even though Euro-friendly.

He will be in charge with the ideological “processing” of employees, drafting reports, writing minutes and simulating other meetings:

“In his activity, the expert, the technician or the person assigned with gender equality attributions will have as main attributions the following:
– analyses the context of appearance and evolution of gender discrimination as well as non-compliance with the principle of gender equality and recommends solutions towards compliance with it;
– by respecting the principle of confidentiality, formulates recommendations/observations/proposals towards preventing/managing/correcting the risk context that might result in breaching the gender equality principle;
– elaborates action plans to implement the gender equality principle, including: active measures to promote gender equality and eliminate direct and indirect gender discrimination, measures to prevent and fight harassment in the workplace, measures for equality of treatment regarding salary policy, job promotion and the assignment of management positions.
– elaborates, consolidates, evaluates and implements gender equality programs and projects”

etc etc

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