Message of the author at the launch of the Romanian edition of „Abortion, the Ultimate Exploitation of Women”

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At the launch of the Romanian edition of his book, Abortion, the Ultimate Exploitation of Women, the author, Brian E. Fisher sent a special message to Romanian readers:

No society can consider itself committed to human rights, social justice, or genuine equality if it doesn’t extend the basic right to life to unborn human beings.  It is medical fact that every life is fully human from that first miraculous moment of conception.  Ethics and morality demand that society protects and defends all innocent human life, regardless of size, location, degree of dependency, and level of development.  I am deeply grateful that ProValori Media, the Romanian Pro-Life community, and your wonderful guest speakers are committed to making sure Romania protects its unborn citizens.

May I say this to Romanian men in particular:  in America, men were the primary promoters of abortion.  Men made abortion legal in America, men continue to use abortion to exploit women, and men are the primary benefactors of the abortion industry.  I am ashamed of my gender for their role in promoting the death of hundreds of millions of children worldwide.

Yet I am convinced beyond measure that men can end abortion.  Men can, if they so choose, assume their God-given role as protectors and drive the abortion epidemic from this dark time in world history.

To my pro-life brothers in Romania – your commitment to the unborn is an inspiration to me personally and to my country.  May God continue to give you strength, encouragement, favor, and perseverance as you work in your communities to preserve life.

To all pro-life Romanians on this special day: may your work be blessed beyond your every hope and expectation, and may the world be motivated by your example.  We stand with you, and we look forward to the day that abortion will be remembered as a horrible, world-wide holocaust that this generation cooperatively ended.

For Life!

Brian Fisher Co-founder and President Online for Life

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