VIDEO: “The First Human Right is the Right to Life”– launch of the Romanian translation of the book “Abortion, the Ultimate Exploitation of Women”


To mark the date of December 10th, which has been proclaimed by the UN as the Human Rights Day, Romanian ProValori Media publishing house launched its first title, which is a Romanian translation of Brian E. Fisher’s book, “Abortion, the Ultimate Exploitation of Women”. The author is the President of Online for Life (update: called Human Coalition since 2016), American organization which has saved well over 7,000 babies from abortion since its establishment in 2009.

The launch took place on December 8th, 2014, in Bucharest, at Libraria Bizantina bookshop, in front of many people, having as main guests Mrs. Florica Chereches, Member of Romania’s Parliament, and Roxana Puiu, from Pro-Vita Bucuresti association, a psychotherapist specialized in pregnancy crisis counseling.

The debate at the launch was not focused exclusively on the rights of the unborn baby, but also on the effects of abortion on the woman and the whole family and also on the man’s responsibility in the onset of what today is commonly named the pregnancy crisis through which the woman often goes.

Talking about the pregnancy crisis, the psychotherapist Roxana Puiu said: “In such a situation, when emotions are very powerful, you cannot take a reasonable decision. It is about you, your future, your life and somebody else’s life. That’s why it helps to talk to someone about this”.

Just as the title goes, the book shows that the woman willingly enters in this exploitation game which is the abortion phenomenon, truly thinking that she enjoys a right – but there are internationally recognized legal documents which do not count the right to abortion among the universal human rights, stated MP Florica Chereches. She also said: “There’s a solution for everything. Have you had an affair? Has it led to pregnancy? No problem! It can be solved. This is promoting a culture of lack of responsibility. Unfortunately, it happens more and more. As a mother, I’d be terribly unhappy and uncomfortable to know my daughters are being treated like that by the boys – by their partners. (…) It’s important to talk to our children about this and to teach them to assume responsibility as early as possible”.

To raise awareness about the value of life and promote the role of the woman within the family as a mother and nurturer of life, Mrs. Chereches suggested that we should celebrate more often the joys of family life, the feeling of togetherness within family and daily love for each other. “Of course we cannot say in Romania today: ‘Let’s legally ban abortion’. I am realistic. I know this would be impossible. But it would be extraordinary if we could reduce the abortion number”, the deputy said. She also signaled an issue related to abortion today (an issue approached in Brian Fisher’s book): “I say ‘Yes’ to the woman’s right to dispose of her body – but by being fully informed. When more women will know the real consequences of abortion, then maybe less of them will resort to this barbaric way of terminating a life. Romania needs people, though”.

Talking about the way in which abortion is being presented in a totalitarian spirit, as the only solution to a problem that is too complex, Roxana Puiu commented: “We, the psychologists, teach everybody that there is at least one solution to each problem. Usually, there are more solutions than one. But when it comes to abortion, we are taught to see it as the only solution. A solution imposed by our society, despite the fact that we pretend to be a solidary society. Yet, instead of helping a woman who may be in the most vulnerable place she has ever been in her life, we often push her to this, sometimes unwillingly”.

Andreea Ogararu, who wrote the foreword, has been kept away from the launch event by family duties, but she wanted to send a message to participants, reminding them of the beauty of natural things we most often overlook today, when we are blinded by too much calculation and fear. Here are a few excerpts from the fine message sent by Andreea Ogararu: “Abortion is terrible because of the damage it does to the souls of those involved and to their families, since its effects cannot be fully measured. (…) Our fight is being fought not only with abortion itself as a surgical procedure, but with detachment, with lack of feeling, with the lack of love, with the refusal to give birth. (…) Another way of fighting abortion is by simply giving birth to children, as a personal example in our families, in our communities. Our goal is that the woman be valued at her real potential and respected as a human being endowed with the ability to love totally and become the cradle of new life and source of complexity, co-creator of a new, unique and unrepeatable being. (…) Let’s educate people for love, let’s communicate with them in the spirit of love, let’s remind them the value of life and the joy of giving life, of participating with something to the future, which is the only way that part of us will exist over the ages, just like we ourselves carry on the imprint of our predecessors.”

Inspired by the way the discussion evolved, Mrs. Claudia Şandru spoke from the public and drew the attention to a current phenomenon: people’s refusal to open up for life. She told the audience how difficult is to accept the gift of life today – even for happy and married Christian couples with an accomplished family life. She told about how her family successfully got over a pregnancy crisis when the pregnancy was unexpected and unwanted. She wished to testify about the huge joy brought about by their third – unexpected – child.

The debate was longer than expected, with many questions and interventions form the public, approaching many stringent issues families and parents are confronted with today – such as redefining family under ideological pressure or sex education for children. The first such event organized by ProValori Media has thus proven its necessity. People are very much concerned with problems that are closely related to their lives and want to talk about them. As much as we know from experts in psychology and sociology, this is the first step to solving problems and curing traumas.

ProValori Media wishes to turn the event “The First Human Right is the Right to Life” into a yearly one.

The book „Avortul, ultima exploatare a femeilor” can be freely read in Romanian translation, in digital format, on

The book can be bought online from Libraria Sophia.

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