Gabriele Kuby: “Marriage and Family is a revolutionary act for the future. It builds future for future generations. It is not backwards. The opposite is true”


In 1968, as she was studying sociology in Berlin and getting involved in the students’ Marxist protests, Gabriele Kuby had no idea she would later in life become an ardent critic of the neo-Marxist anthropology and view on sexuality.

In 1973, in a personal revelation, while watching a splendid sunset, she remembered what she had known as a child: God is. God had touched her, but she had not yet properly found faith. It took her 21 more years to do that.

She finally found grace – or indeed grace found her – only after the divorce, when she did the last thing she would ever think of: at a neighbor’s suggestion, she invoked Jesus’s promises in front of her eclectic home altar, which also contained a statue of Buddha. Then she realized that Jesus was the answer. In 1997 she entered the Catholic Church.

Sometime after her conversion, she came across a book which changed her perspective on society: J.D. Unwin, Sex and culture, Oxford University Press, 1936. The author argued that high culture (like the European one) can only exist with strict moral and sexual laws. In Europe, this meant virginity before marriage and monogamy in marriage. If a culture renounces these, it will be swept off the stage of history, the author believes. As Gabriele Kuby looked around, she realized it may be true judging by the way sexuality was expressed in society and the consequences of that. And so she started writing (13 titles by now) and speaking on issues of Christian spirituality and the sexual revolution ( Her standard work The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom (Angelico Press 2015, originally published in 2012 in German) has so far been translated into seven languages, also into Romanian (Editura Sapientia, ISBN 978-606-578-160-3) 


Family News: Dear Mrs. Kuby, welcome! The US election results have just been announced as we speak. How do you feel about that?

Gabriele Kuby: Hello, let me first say: I am glad to be back in Romania, where Christianity and the values of family are still in high esteem.

A few months ago I wouldn’t have dreamt that I might be happy that Trump wins the election! I thought, if I was an American, I would simply not vote! But when this campaign went on I became more and more afraid that Hillary Clinton could win. She hates the Catholic Church, she’s a radical abortion and LGBT activist. Even after the scandal of International Planned Parenthood selling organs of aborted babies, she said: “Give International Planned Parenthood more money!” In my book, The Global Sexual Revolution, I analyze a demagogical talk by her, where she says human rights “are LGBT rights” and that she provides the embassies of the United States with toolkits to change the culture. Watch out what the embassy of the United States is doing in your country in this respect!


FN: How do you comment on our referendum initiative to explicitly enshrine in the Romanian Constitution the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman?

GK: We are delighted to hear that Romanians have collected 3 million signatures for this referendum. And it is very important that this movement is successful – not only for Romania, but also for the whole world. All the referenda held so far to define marriage in the Constitution as what it is, namely as a lasting bond between one man and one woman, have been successful. With one exception: Ireland, because there was a huge campaign, with millions of dollars poured into that country from outside, so they managed to get a different result.


FN: LGBT advocates are claiming the “right to marriage” for same-sex couples. But you have said that naming LGBT “rights” as “human rights” is radical. And in your book you have written that the promotion of this idea leads to totalitarianism. Why?

GK: The LGBT lobby says marriage for same-sex people is a human right. What we can see is that they are abusing big concepts – marriage is not the only one. The concept of human rights was defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 to say that human rights are valid universally – for every single person on this planet, all the time and everywhere.

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Marriage has always been, in all history and every society, the bond of a man and a woman – you cannot redefine it. Marriage is the basis of family and procreation: a man and a woman bond in marriage and normally have children. Hundreds of scientific studies prove what we all know: Children grow up best in a low_conflict_marriage_with_their_biological_parents.  Therefore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says: “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

So, if two same-sex people have a sexual relationship, this is not a marriage. If you call a frog an eagle, the frog does not become an eagle! The only thing that can happen is that you can confuse people who have never seen an eagle!

So now we confuse children in kindergarten by giving them books where the prince marries the prince! This has nothing to do with human rights. It has only to do with privileges for minorities.


FN: What do you believe about civil partnership law for LGBT people? There are voices in Romania opposing “marriage” for LGBT persons, but approving of a partnership law for them.

GK: Studies have shown there is only about 2% of the population that has same-sex attractions. That is a very small minority! First, they say they only want civil union. But then it goes on and before long they battle for the full “right to marriage”.

This has always been the tactic. In Germany we call it “the salami tactic”: they cut one piece at a time. And in the end there’s no salami. In 2001, they legalized civil partnership in Germany: “We want nothing else. We just want to visit our partner to hospital”, they said. Now, 15 years later, the battle goes for total equalization with marriage.

In the countries where „same sex marriage” has been legalized, one would expect that LGBT people storm the registration offices. But it is only 2% of the 2% who ever make use of the new institution of marriage. They don’t want what they are battling for. Isn’t it strange that we turn the values, the legal and social system upside down for such a small minority?

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This should make people aware that the LGBT lobby and its global supporters want something different! They want to destroy the concept of marriage and family. Besides, the homosexual activists have always ridiculed marriage: “It’s a bourgeois thing, we don’t need this!” They’re life is promiscuous, as studies show. So why do they need marriage?


FN: What are the consequences of legalizing „LGBT marriage” in the Western world?

GK: One consequence is the legalization of the technical production of a child as a product, buying the eggs, buying the sperm, combining them in the laboratory. Then this human embryo, a human being, is deep frozen and transported to some camp in India, implanted in the womb of a very poor woman who rents out her womb because this is the only way she gets some money. She bears this child for nine months, gives her body, her blood. Her baby is ripped out of her womb by a cesarean, and then two men or two women stand at the door, give her money and take the baby away!

Would we like to start our life like that? Would you like to say: The beginning of my life was in a deep freezer into a laboratory and I cannot trace my ancestry? I have four or five “parents”, some of them unknown?


FN: We have here in Romania NGOs that promote the LGBT agenda, financed by external money. They have accused Romania’s Coalition for Family of hate speech. What is your evaluation of the concept of “hate speech”?

GK: The new concept of “hate speech” is not defined clearly. Hate seems to be anything: whenever somebody feels offended, they call you a “hater”. Why shouldn’t people feel offended now and again? That is normal life. I can’t count how often I am slandered.  Hate is an emotion just one step away from violence. If you hate somebody, you lose your mind and you want to destroy the person opposite you. That is hate! When I speak out against this cultural revolution, it has nothing to do with hate. I do not want to destroy anybody and I do not want to relinquish anybody from the democratic debate. I want to have a democratic debate! Hate speech is just a new invention of this cultural revolution, to silence everybody who speaks against it and accuse them of hate and take them to court and fine them and sooner or later get them into jail!


FN: You have your own experience with hate speech accusations. Please tell us about your recent experience!

GK: In Germany, at the end of October 2015, there was the premiere of the play “Fear” at Schaubühne stage in Berlin. The playwright and director is a man called Falk Richter, a homosexual, which I only mention because it gives a clue to his motivation.

He put five women on stage who are active on the conservative side in Germany. One of them is me. He put real photographs of us on stage, with our real names. All five women are presented as “zombies” who have risen from their graves in 1945, which means we are Nazis – an accusation which always works in Germany. And how do you get rid of these zombies? “By shooting them in the brain!”

To prove that it was “hate speech” what I was saying, Falk Richter used a talk against sexual education that I gave at a public demonstration and had it read by an actress who puts the hate emotion into it – which was not in my voice at all.

He also used a recording of my voice saying: “We need fascists” (Wir brauchen Faschisten und Faschistinnen!  – that’s the masculine and feminine form of “fascist”). It is from a conference I gave, when I was criticizing the imperative of gender language to always use the masculine and feminine versions of the words.

In the night after the premiere, the car of one of the women mentioned on stage was set on fire. And a week later, the car of another one of these women was put on fire. So what is happening on stage is truly hate speech turning into violence.

It is a gross manipulation. We tried to obtain an injunction, but the court said it was “freedom of art”. So we shall now start a lawsuit in January 2017. We hope there are still judges who can say you cannot defame a person with lies.


FN: What you are experiencing seems similar to Romania’s Coalition for Family. Although supported by signatures from three million citizens, the initiative is getting the “pro-Putin” label…

GK: Our adversaries use any slander and defamation that “works” in a culture – irrespective of truth.


FN:  You see a new “totalitarianism” coming. Isn’t this a “conspiracy theory”?

GK: It is not a theory, it is fact. In the 1970s, a memorandum by the United States National Security Council, at the time being headed by Henry Kissinger, US secretary of state and security advisor, proposed to reduce world population. This was followed through by the UN-population conference in Cairo 1994.

So how do you reduce world population? Through strategies to separate sexuality from procreation by contraception, abortion, sexualization of children – who will become unable to marry and will lose interest in being parents. And, of course, through homosexuality and pornography. The message is: “Have sex as much as you can! But no procreation!”

Apart from population reduction there is an attack on the identity of people. Our identity is defined by what I am. In my case, I am a Catholic (religion), a German (nation), I am a member of my family, I know my ancestors, and I am a woman. All this is being attacked and intentionally destabilized: religion, nation, family and now even the gender of people. In Germany, when somebody is completely confused, we say: “He doesn’t even know whether he is a man or a woman”! Gender ideology tries to confuse and destabilize our identity. And who’s driving this revolution?

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It is the United Nations, the European Union, many governments and nations – at the forefront is the American government (which perhaps will change now), all the global corporations – Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google – they are all endorsing this agenda. The Bill Gates foundation spends billions on “reproductive health”. Again: All this is not a “theory”, but a fact. Recently the email account of the Open Society of George Soros was leaked, and now 2,500 documents prove that he is financing all this: the LGBT agenda, same sex marriage, sex education for children, open borders for migration and climate change policies.


FN: Do you have a message of hope to the men and women in Romania? To encourage them to keep their life and family values and to remind them of who they are.

GK:  Our source of hope is Jesus Christ. If we believe in Jesus Christ our hope can never be destroyed. Human history will have a good ending.

I am convinced that God, who created this world, has a plan and is still in command. This faith will carry us if we live in an active friendship with Jesus Christ. Wherever I go I meet people who have been rescued by Jesus Christ, converted and became apostles. We see all this evil, but we also live in a special time of grace.

FN: What about atheists?

GK: An atheist can use his mind and see what is good for society. It is easy to come to the rational conclusion that life is important and marriage and family are important for a society, a nation to survive. All the young people in the surveys are saying they want a family and faithfulness. We have to teach them how to build a family!

I think the first step is to live a good life yourself and to know that family and marriage is a revolutionary act for the future. It is not backwards. The opposite is true. It builds future for future generations.




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