Alexandra Nadane, MFL (March for Life) 2019: #pro-life = #realism #realism #work #solidarity #love # faith

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Dear supporters of life,

Thank you for putting aside other concerns today and for coming together to say that we are pro-life.

Here’s what it means to me to be pro-life and what you and other thousands of Romanians showcased today and in this Month for Life.


First of all, respect. Pro-life attitude means respect for women in pregnancy crisis, for unborn children, for single mothers and single fathers who raise their children, for people with disabilities, and for all those involved in adoption. It means respect for women and men affected by the abortion trauma, for people that are in pain because their siblings have not had the chance to see the light of day and enjoy life, and they know they are basically survivors in their families and this fact hurts them. It means respect for all the children who have perished before they were born. That is, respect for every person, from the moment of conception.


Pro-life attitude means realism. We are fully aware that every man is unique from the first second of his life. We are fully aware of the statistics that hurt us: in Romania, since 1958, over 23,000,000 abortions have been made and this number does not include abortions in private clinics after 1990, drug abortions and abortions made by Romanians that are abroad. Basically, more Romanian nations were not born, although they existed.

What do we understand from these sad numerical facts? When we know that the lack of support is directly proportional to the number of abortions and that there are more abortions than the actual number of citizens in Romania, we understand that the ideal would be that every Romanian needs to understand what pregnancy is and to help the women around them that are going through the pregnancy crisis.


That’s why pro-life means work. A lot, a lot of work, and we do not say it proudly, but with the satisfaction that we can do it. Here are some numbers that bring us a lot of joy. In 2014, the March for Life took place in 40 settlements in Romania. In 2019, people around 600 of settlements in Romania and Republic of Moldova support life. From a few thousands of people, today we are hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of people that convert the gratitude that they have been born, into work for life. Hundreds of thousands of people who are united in the most important project in this world, after faith in God: supporting life. A project that is hard but also important.

New support centres for women in pregnancy have been opened in recent years. Hundreds of people have decided to actively engage in their communities, they have participated in pro-life training programs and are pioneers. Thus, more and more people understand that behind each abortion there is a lot of support.


To be pro-life means to be solidary with your peers. In the European Union, 96% of children that are detected in an intrauterine pregnancy with a Down syndrome potential are aborted. Where are the solidary adults in these cases? Then, when parents find the strength to get through with the pregnancy and raise their children, instead of receiving more support from others, like the state and the society in general, they are often ostracized and isolated. They look for therapy programs, funds, and projects that give their children with special needs, real opportunities to achieve their true potential and they find nothing. In fact, there is no solidarity. Solidarity is the solution to such problems, not cutting of children that are receiving this diagnosis in the mother’s womb. Creating an environment that values their lives is just as important as creating an environment that facilitates the development of a champion or a scientist.


To be pro-life means not to hate, but to love. The pregnancy crisis generates no fault of the unborn baby. We cannot cast the responsibility on the woman’s shoulders that is left alone in the pregnancy crisis. To cast responsibility on the shoulders of a man, who in most cases is pushing for abortion or leaving the mother that carries his child, is not effective, because most often he was not educated what being responsible means and was not asked to be responsible. And no matter how hard it seems to fulfil, we would help doctors respect Hippocrates’s oath to protect life and not kill life, not through hatred, but through love. This love exists when we receive within the dropping of God’s love for all beings.


Faith means trusting someone outside you. Trust God, trust people that will choose good. A faith that does not fall when you see that evil is being done, that an innocent child loses his life, that a parent’s soul tears apart by consenting to the killing of the child. Without faith, the pro-life movement could not exist.

Be pro-life: respect, realism, work, solidarity, love, faith! Continue to support! Continue to get involved! Continue to be the right man in the right place when a pregnant woman needs help! By watering the flowers of life, we become a community of love, as we all want!

Thank you.


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