VIDEO: Romanian hip-hoppers give voice to the voiceless cry of aborted babies on national TV


Romania’s Got Talent is the Romanian edition a very successful international format which enjoys a large audience across the Globe. In Romania, it is aired nationwide on Friday nights by Romanian Pro TV channel, the most successful private television network in the country.

The latest edition of the show, aired on May 6th, showed the act of HHF group from Ferentari, a neighbourhood in the Romanian Capital city Bucharest which can be compared to New-York’s Bronx.

Despite the tough act and their humble extraction (a grocery store cashier and a pizza-boy), the two members of the group performed a very touching song with delicate scenography and strong social and moral message.

Their lyrics spoke of the miracle of newly born life, about many people’s refusal to bring their children to the world. They openly sang about abortion and infanticide as social phenomena in their neighborhood and their country and about the extreme poverty with which many Romanians struggle at present:

“Many souls don’t even emerge to light
Three out of ten kids don’t have a chance to life
It could have been you the one
Torn apart by unforgiving steel!


Another fallen angel, a chance without beginning,
A child who’d just say «Mommy» and nothing more.
Now you will live to know you hesitated
To offer a chance to life to the one carried in the womb.

Silent scream: «I could have loved you.
For nine months I waited to come out
and see the light. Mom, Dad, I love you!
May the angels be with you, from above I look upon you!»”

VIDEO: The pro-life message of the HHF hip hop group at Romania’s Got Talent 2016

HHF (Hip Hop Ferentari) is made of Marius Manea, 27, a cashier at a grocery store, and Cornel Mihalache, 21, a pizza delivery boy. They are both “born and raised” in Ferentari, a neighbourhood in Bucharest city that is famous for its social problems.

The two have recorded 18 songs with just a pair of headphones and a computer speaker. They mastered the songs themselves by using online tutorials. In the introduction film aired just before their act, Marius says that a cashier and a pizza delivery boy have come far if they are on national TV.

After the show, they posted on their official Facebook page the following message:

This piece we wrote two years ago, when deeZee (aka Marius) has gone through exactly what he wrote and sang about on that stage!

Marius lives with his mother and his girlfriend and he has recently announced on his personal Facebook page that he will soon be a father, setting as his profile photo the ultrasound of his yet unborn baby.

Cornel has rhymed since he was a kid, a gift inherited from his mother, who used to write poems. He declared on Pro TV that he admires his mother for being able to raise four children, despite the fact they have gone through many difficulties to make ends meet, which eventually led his parents to separation:

My mother had a hard time raising me, especially as I had three more siblings. I would have liked to be as strong as mom and be able to raise four kids myself – or at least one.


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