Unique footage: TV hosts lost for words when famous Romanian actor supports marriage between a man and a woman

In a few days, Romania will have its referendum to set in the Constitution the definition of marriage as union between one man and one woman. Social media and the whole online environment are abuzz with debates and opinions on this topic. In the meantime, mainstream media has not been very keen on supporting this citizens’ initiative.

This has been a very good time for a funny episode to be recalled. It involved Marcel Iureș, an internationally acclaimed Romanian actor and two TV hosts who tried to put pressure on him so that he admit the citizen’s initiative as being against LGBT rights.

Florin Negruțiu, one of the hosts of the TV show „In fața ta” („In Front of You”), asks the actor what is his opinion about the citizens’ initiative to safeguard the definition of marriage in the Romanian Constitution as a union between one man and one woman. He said the initiative committee was made of NGOs affiliated to the Church.

Marcel Iureș, who has, among other things, co-starred with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell (photo above) in the movie Hart’s War (2002), answered:

A man and a woman… So it’s not normal?

The hosts tried to rephrase the question, mentioning that the citizens’ initiative excluded the possibility for same-sex marriage. The actor said:

It’s their business. That’s it. I married a woman. Had a child, of masculine sex… At the foundation of society lies family made of a man and a woman, because they have children and make the world continue… Maybe we shall have another Jesus, or a Mahatma Gandhi…

The hosts offered the example of Germany, where same-sex marriage had been recently legalized.

Marcel Iureș did not seem impressed and answered:

Very well. So what should we do?


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