The March for Life Romania 2021 will be held online on March 27, February 18, 2021 – The 11th edition of the March for Life Romania has the theme “United for Life” and is scheduled for March 27, 2021.

The event is part of the Month for Life, a series of pro-life activities organized throughout the month of March 2021. The Month for Life 2021 will have the same theme and it will consist of pro-life cultural, educational and social involvement activities. Most of the activities will be organized online. Some activities will be organized offline if pandemic rules allow it.

We hope to have many pro-life activities organized locally during the Month for Life, which could compensate for the fact that the March for Life cannot be organized in the public square.

The associations Romania for Life and Students for Life will organize a number of activities during the Month for Life. Among them, the contest series “Romania’s Got Pro-Life Talent 2021”. The calendar of events will be published separately.

“United for life”

This year’s theme is a call to all Romanians in the country and abroad. Each of them can do something, our highest call is to support life and help women in pregnancy crisis to get free of fear and problems and fully enjoy the birth of their children. This kind of involvement is grounded in God’s image within each of us: every child’s life matters, every woman’s and man’s life matters and it needs to be protected and supported from conception to natural death.

Pro-life involvement starts with the testimonials of women who went through a pregnancy crisis and it is made of three steps: awareness, love and support.


Between 1958 and 2019, the culture of abortion, created by communism and perpetuated through unaccountability and irresponsibility, produced 2,834,127 abortions as shown by national official statistics. But the extent of the abortion culture was even greater, since statistics do not include chemical abortions, surgical abortions made in private clinics, which are not reported, and abortions made by young and mature women working abroad, which are an important part of Romania’s fertile population.

Lack of interest in pregnancy crisis and banalization of abortion led to acute lack of support for pregnant women and their children. The fastest way to cover unaccountability and indifference was by promoting abortion as the only solution to all the problems of women going through pregnancy crisis.

Communism destroyed not just respect for the pregnant woman’s dignity and for the life of their unborn children, but also the spirit of social involvement, which usually inspired local communities to care for pregnant women, for orphaned and poor children, for children born with various health conditions and for all those in need.

The establishment of the communist regime destroyed existing support and social assistance networks within local communities, either organic or organized, closing the social work faculties, depriving religious confessions of the possibility to carry their social-philanthropic work. By doing so, communism nurtured a great degree of social and individual irresponsibility, which deeply affected relations between people and led to a great degree of indifference to other people’s suffering.

First, people felt comfortable thinking the state was there to take over a great part of their responsibility and to deal with their problems, but what communism actually did was grounded in ideology and not in respect and care for the people. For instance, the communist state established big orphanages where thousands of children suffered abuse and trauma and even died. Aborting the child might have seemed more preferable to this ordeal, but the appropriate solution would have been different: support for women and real care for the child before and after birth. The same solution is the answer to the eugenic mentality which proposes abortion to children with a high probability of being born with a health problem.

Thirty years after the fall of communism, the painful ideological consequences of the abortion culture – as an American researcher named the current situation in the communist East – are still present in contemporary mentality. We need common effort to change the culture of abortion and irresponsibility created by communism. Local involvement is vital in order to build a pro-life culture, a culture of solidarity and love for pregnant women and their unborn children.


The March for Life and the Month for Life events and activities have a sole purpose: changing hearts. The more people will warmly open their hearts with love for women in pregnancy crisis and their children, the more pro-life projects we shall be able to develop: support centers for women in pregnancy crisis in every county, local networks for parents who find out they might give birth to a child with a health condition, support programs for pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence or of human trafficking, professional pro-life associations etc.

In pregnancy crisis situations, love means helping the woman instead of punishing her. It means encouraging her instead of pressing her, caressing her instead of striking her. It means loving her instead of hating her for being pregnant and wanting to choose life for her child. It means congratulating her instead of despising her. It means telling her she’s building a future for society, not destroying her own future.

In fewer words, it means support and gratitude and seeing the child as what it really is: a unique and irreplaceable blessing.

That is why the March for Life is apolitical and non-confessional and it does not demand a ban on abortion. We consider that women who have made an abortion need love and specialized support to overcome their trauma and we do not support any form of ostracizing women.


Each of us can do something. We can and we need to join forces wherever we are in order to create programs and support tools for women in pregnancy crisis and their children and in order to train experts who can offer help.

Are you a manager, coordinator, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, gynecologist, marketing or communication specialist, or a talented fundraiser? Do you want to put your talents and capacities in the service of life? Do not hesitate! Organize an activity or simply participate in one during the Month for Life 2021! You will be part of the noblest and most beautiful mission: that of being united for life!

If you do not have an institutional framework but want to make steps towards it, you can write to us at


We reiterate our call to society to create tools of support for women in pregnancy crisis, such as:

  • Establishing support centers for pregnant women, where women in pregnancy crisis can benefit, upon their request, of free psychological counseling and the support of a social worker specialized in pregnancy crisis assistance;
  • Legalizing adoption immediately after birth, in which the pregnant woman who cannot raise her child can start the process of adoption during pregnancy – it can be inspired from the experience of the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia;
  • Promote recognition in society for all those involved in adoption, in order to eliminate the despising attitude towards adopted children, adoptive parents and especially towards mothers or parents who give their child for adoption when major difficulties affect their ability to properly care for it;
  • Legalizing the possibility, upon the mother’s request, to legally bury an unborn child lost through miscarriage.

Contact person:
Alexandra Nadane
President of the Romania for Life Association
+40 (0)751.859.467

Statistics for Romania       

Abortion numbers in Romania between 1958 and 2019.

Download abortion statistics for Romania in *pdf format.

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