The March for Life 2023 Romania and Moldova: Post-event press release, March 27, 2023 – The March for Life 2023 took place on Saturday, March 25, 2023, and crowned the Month for Life 2023, during which pro-life activities in over 1,100 localities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova had been held.

This year’s theme, “The future is pro-life”, aims to raise awareness and engage participants and society in building a pro-life future – a future in which every pregnant woman in need will be supported to give birth to her children and in which the life of every born and unborn child will be valued fully, regardless of age or health status, whether boy or girl.

The “Month for Life 2023” included support actions for mothers and children, story-telling and pro-life sign-making workshops, Women’s Day flower-giving actions, conferences, workshops, pro-life youth debates, environmental activities, cross-country skiing, concerts, fundraising for women in crisis pregnancies, conferences, etc.
Thanks to Iustina Irimia-Cenusă for her recital and to the speakers who presented their testimonies during the “Live for Life” charity concert at the March for Life in Bucharest: Roxana Muthi, Maria Ionescu, Anca Miron, Alexandru Voropanov.
In more than 1,100 localities in Romania and Moldova, thousands of pro-life activities represent concrete steps towards a pro-life future. But not just in one day or one month, but throughout the year, any help in crisis pregnancy is a step towards a better, more life-giving future – a brick of love and support, laid at the foundation of a better world.
We will continue our support until every child lives in a world where they are met with care and love, not fear, hostility and violence. Our behaviour towards the most vulnerable and those most in need of care is the measure of our humanity and kindness, our dignity and our souls.

As every year, we offer various concrete measures to support pregnant women and their children:
• Granting a child-raising allowance at the level of the minimum wage to women who have not worked in the last 12 months before giving birth;
• Granting an allowance to a pregnant woman after the 14th week of pregnancy to cover special needs – this can be done by extending the child-raising allowance during the last months of pregnancy;
• Establishing support centres for pregnant women;
• Training medical staff and providing complementary non-medical support that addresses the needs and well-being of women during birth;
• Legislating open adoption, which could make it easier to place for adoption or accept for adoption children who cannot be cared for by their parents or biological relatives;
• Supporting pregnant teenagers to complete their pregnancy and encouraging the mentality that such a pregnancy can be a chance for a foster family to provide a child with a beautiful life;
• Developing programmes for the prevention of violence, abuse, and sexual offences that respect the developmental stages of children and parental rights when addressing minors, and support and protection programmes for victims.

An authentic pro-life future, present in the heart of every person, begins when we realise that every child is a gift to the world, which we are called to protect by supporting the mother who bears it.

President of the Students for Life Association

President of Romania for Life Association

The March for Life Romania and the Republic of Moldova is apolitical, and nondenominationalș it does not advocate the prohibition of abortion and opposes any women’s exclusion. The March has no centralised leadership; local editions have different and independent organisers. Thank you to the hundreds of local organisers who have given their time, but above all their love for the cause.

In Romania, the March for Life has reached its 13th national edition this year, and in the Republic of Moldova its 9th national edition.

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