Romania Promotes Breastfeeding

Alaptarea e Iubire 50 - foto Cristina Nichitus Roncea
Photo: Cristina Nichitus-Roncea


Romania has seen lately more and more campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Recently, around the World Breastfeeding Week 2015, Bucharest hosted a photo exhibit featuring proud mothers breastfeeding their babies. It was designed as part of a campaign by the Romanian Paediatrics and Breastfeeding Consulting Association. This year has been the first time the association joins the many local initiatives of this kind. On this occasion, Mara Popescu, IBCLC-certified breastfeeding consultant, has said, as quoted by, that, according to 2011 statistics, only 12.6% of Romanian mothers breastfeed their six-month-old babies .

Another example of good practice is offered by an older unique initiative of doctors from both Romania and abroad to encourage their fellow-doctors protect the right of the mother and child to breastfeed and to lead by example. The initiative is described in the following videos.

English VIDEO:

French VIDEO:

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