Poems for Life / “For Life” magazine no. 3 – Fall 2014


by Ragnvald Skrede

Why did I chose you?
Because your eyes are
deeper than the Jondal Valley.
Because you are happy
loving one man only.
Because my unborn sons
already want you as their mother.
Because I’d like to have you
on vigil by my deathbed.
Because looking inside me
didn’t give you a vertigo.
Because you chose me
and saw the Idea in me!

If you are a man

by Grigore Vieru

If you are a man,
don’t shed tears,
but shed your blood
in the midst of the forlorn crowd.
Not the mild
flicker of the candlelight,
but sparkling lightning
carry in your hands.
And your word
should be fully felt
by your mother and children,
by laboring grass.
If you are a man
in your corner of land,
at the margin of your Country,
in the midst of the forlorn crowd!

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