Motherly love. Romanian actress Manuela Hărăbor to her autistic son, Andrei: „I prayed for five years to the Mother of God to hear you calling me ʻmother’”

Romanian actress Manuela Hărăbor and her son, Andrei

On Children’s Day (June 1st, 2019), Romanian actress Manuela Hărăbor wrote on Facebook about her love for her autistic son, Andrei, now aged 28. Here is her impressive message:

“My reason to be. My challenge to gain patience, understanding and wisdom. The Love Lesson I have been learning for 28 years. I knew before you were born how you will look, what your name will be. I would see you daily in my dreams. After I gave birth to you, I would sniff you every moment, I would feed on your life-giving smell. I prayed for five years to the Mother of God to hear you calling me ʻmother’. I would embrace you every night and whisper to you all the words I so longed to hear from you. In the morning you would wake up and lock eyes with me as if telling me: “Not yet. We have a few more checkpoints to bypass. But soon, dear Mommy!” I didn’t know at the time that good God was making me a stairway to Heaven trough you, my love. You were the thread of Light through which He used to talk to me. It wasn’t me holding you, it was God embracing me through you with His love. And I did not despair. Thanks to you. You taught me that Love has no beginning and no end. And each day we are given on Earth is given to allow us to accomplish perfection. Together, never alone – always together. We are travelling holding hands and with entwined souls to ease our ascension towards Home.

Your name means courage. Christ has shown us the way: ‘In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world’”.

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