It was the LGBTQ activists, not the public who decided the Romanian singer for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Singer Laura Bretan, a supporter of the Romanian marriage referendum, was voted by 92% of the Romanian viewers, but seemingly sabotaged by LGBTQ activists, with the help of the Romanian Television TVR, which changed the rules of the contest.

by Mirela Florescu

Supporters of the LGBT movement who are not themselves LGBT keep telling to supporters of the man-woman marriage: „What do you have against them [the LGBTQ]? Let them be. It doesn’t affect us in any way whatsoever”. Last fall, this was the mantra of the campaign against the Romanian marriage referendum. Well, it has turned out that it does affect us! It will always do. That’s because LGBT ideology is not about people’s private life, but about conquering the public space.

What is Eurovision and how it works

For instance, let’s talk about the Romanian final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the largest union of public service media in the world. Each EBU member (usually public TV stations) organizes a national final in which local audience votes the singer to represent the country in the international final.

Sometimes, depending on the country, there can also be a jury who gets to vote, but usually the jury vote amounts to 50% at most of the final result, the other 50% being reserved to the public vote. This means half of the final score is given by the national audience.

Up until this year, in Romania, the audience televoting made up 100% of the final voting results for the Eurovision contest. This meant the public used to be the only decision-maker in the Romanian final for Eurovision.

Eurovision: the national final in Romania

This year, in sheer disregard of the traditional Eurovision rules, it was not the Romanian audience, but by two gay “experts” who got to decide who would represent Romania at the 2019 edition of the international Eurovision contest.

TVR, the Romanian public television, simply changed rules and decided that the public vote would amount to only 15% of the final score. The rest of the score was given by each member of a jury of six – five foreigners and one Romanian. Practically, the vote of the public was equated to that of one jury member.

The public’s favorite to represent Romania at the upcoming international Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv was Laura Bretan. She got the maximum score from the audience (92% of the votes). It wasn’t unexpected. In 2016, she won “Romania’s Got Talent” and later she also got in the final of “America’s Got Talent”.

What was really unexpected was that in the end the jury experts highly favoured Ester Peony, who only received 3 points from the audience votes.

Jury members were genuinely thrilled

But Laura Bretan was the detached leader in the audience’s options. In addition to that, more members of the jury, including Deban Aderemi and William Lee Adams, were thrilled by her singing.

What happened in the end?

Laura Bretan singing “Dear Father”, especially composed for this occasion by composer Mihai Alexandru, on the stage of the 2019 Eurovision Romanian final.
Ironically, the contest had as a slogan “Împlinește visul” (“Fulfill the Dream”).

Surprisingly, Aderemi and Adams radically changed opinion at the vote. They gave Laura Bretan the lowest scores: 4, respectively 6 points (of the maximum of 12), while awaring the maximum, 12 points each, to… Ester Peony. This sent Bretan, the favorite of the Romanian public, to the third place, 14 points below Ester Peony, who was declared as the winner.

Aderemi and Adams’ change of heart made Laura Bretan lose her well-deserved first place. What made them change their mind?

It may have been a video (above) posted by a certain Eric Kruger, LGBTQ activist and Eurovision fan. On February 10th, just one week ahead of the Romanian final, he registered as a user on Youtube, where he posted a video in which 16-year old Laura Bretan declared her support for the natural family ahead of the referendum on marriage held last year in România. In the video, the singer urged the Romanians:

Let’s say a decisive YES anytime, anywhere for our families as God has made them. Thank you!

Laura Bretan before the marriage referendum which was held in Romania on October 6-7, 2018

After the Romanian Eurovision final was over and Ester Peony was made a winner, Eric Kruger posted a comment under the “incriminating” video, saying:

We did it, guys! Laura Bretan, the favourite of the Romanian televoteand top 3 of almost all the international juries, got marked down with the lowest scores (4 and 6 points) by William Lee Adams and Deban, two beautiful gay men from UK who took part in the Romanian international jury, on the behalf of Their votes really made a difference, as between Ester and Laura there were only 5 points difference. 1 month ago, Laura was the favourite of William and Deban, on their first reaction of the Romanian selection songs, but now they punished Laura with low scores and I believe it was because they, as gay persons, felt that it is NOT RIGHT to let a homophobe go into Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is about music, yes, but it’s also about spreading a message and promoting and supporting values like tolerance, open-mindedness and inclusivity for everyone, from all races, genders and sexual orientations. We did it, guys! It was a close fight, few expected it, but the gays won again! We are  strong and, as Conchita said in her winning speech, We are unstoppable!

Eric Kruger on YouToube
Screenshot of Eric Kruger’s comment before the video he uploaded and all the comments were deleted from YouTube

There is no need for more explanations why Aderemi and Adams, declared homosexuals and LGBTQ activists, who write on Wiwibloggs, a YouTube channel dedicated to Eurovision, a contest which also promotes LGBTQ propaganda, have decided to sabotage Laura Bretan, who happens to be a vocal supporter of natural family.

Thus, by arranging a new scoring system and chosing a special jury componence, TVR, the Romaninan public TV station, financed by the Romanians’ money, has managed to allow the LGBTQ activists and not the Romanian audience to decide who represents Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Most of Romania’s famous singers have criticized the results of the contest and said Ester Peony and her song were not competitive.

Mihai Alexandru, the composer of “Dear Father”, the song performed by Laura Bretan for Eurovision, stated:

I wish they would clearly mention in the contest rules that Christians do not have the right to compete for Eurovision. At least, we would know it from the beginning.

Mihai Alexandru, Laura Bretan’s Eurovision composer

Laura Bretan has been recently invited to a Romanian private TV station where she talked about the Eurovision experience. The host of the show asked her what she would want to change if she could turn back time knowing that a pro-family video testimony could damage her chance to win Eurovision. She gave the following answer:

I think I would do the same. Because this is what I believe. And this is my voice and it has to be heard. I believe family is a gift from good God and I believe we should not destroy it. We need to keept it as God has left it.

Laura Bretan

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