International Forum Large Family and Future of Humanity. Interview with Antonio Brandi, President of Pro Vita Italia

toni brandi


What is the main reason that determined you to get involved in pro-life activity?
Simply because I am a Christian and I believe there is a big attack all over the world against life and family. What is important is that it is not only a religious fight, but a fight based on common sense.

What are your thoughts and expectations for tis forum?
It is fundamentally important, for the following reason: there are enormous profits and big financial interests behind the industries of abortion, of pornography, of condoms, of euthanasia.

These are profits that big companies are making on the skin, on the blood, on the life of women and children of the world. This is against man and this is against family. Fortunately, in the world there are only 20 countries that are anti-family, so we must fight so that common sense, reason and logic prevail in the interest of the future of humanity.

What is your message for Romanian families?
You are still a Christian country, you are still a normal country, you are not one of these mad governments, so do something now!

Stop sexual education in the schools, because its objective is to make those industries of porno and condoms rich and to prepare fresh flesh for paedophiles.

The last advice: ensure that in your constitution it is inscribed that the wedding is between man and woman, because family is the cradle of society and any mother and father knows that children need both (father and mother).


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