Dallas, Texas: Alexandra Nadane receives Heartbeat International’s “Heart of Future” Award for promoting pregnancy crisis centers in Romania and EU

Jor-El Godsey, President of Heartbeat International, and Alexandra Nadane, Executive Director of Bucharest-based Counseling Center for Women and Families “St Alexandra the Empress”

On Friday ended in Dallas, Texas, the 48th Annual Heartbeat International Conference, entitled “Deep in the HEART” (April 24-26, 2019), an event organized by the largest pregnancy crisis helpcenter network in the world. Alexandra Nadane participated from Romania. She is Executive Director of “St Alexandra the Empress” Counseling Center from Bucharest, which is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Assistance and affiliated to the Heartbeat International network.

In the first day of the event, after the Parade of the Nations, when pregnancy helpcenter representatives from around the world took their countries’ flags to the stage, there was an award ceremony.

The “Heart of Future” Award was granted to Alexandra Nadane for her involvement in offering support to women in pregnancy crisis, for her efforts to advance professionalization of Romanian pregnancy helpcenters (in 2017, “St Alexandra the Empress” Counseling Center offered a national-level training with Heartbeat International experts), and for her initiative to have an event dedicated to pregnancy crisis organized in the European Parliament. On March 19, 2019, the event, entitled Babies Go to the European Parliament, enjoyed Romanian and international attendance, taking to the European Parliament this social issue for the first time.

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Alexandra Nadane wrote on Facebook:

This prize for Babies Go to the European Parliament is also deserved by Cătălin Ivan, by Ioana Picoș-Făgădaru, and all those who participated in it, who are always present in cases of pregnancy crisis.

It is for all who get involved daily in pro-life activities and who have thus managed to put Romania on the global pro-life map.

Do you remember our slogan to be a pro-life world? Well, we are becoming just that.

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Photo of the award

Click here for an article about the event in Brussels published by Pregnancy Help News, the pro-life news channel of Heartbeat Interantional. “Babies Go to the European Parliament” was initiated by Alexandra Nadane. Click here for an article on the same event published by LifeSiteNews.com.

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Of the approximately 3,000 pro-life clinics and resource centers existing in the US, 1,300 belong to Heartbeat International. Through affiliation, the network includes around 1,300 more similar centers from 62 countries on six continents. The total number of pregnancy help centers from the globală Heartbeat International network is somewhere around 2,600. Heartbeat International was founded in the 1970s by Michael and Peggy Heartshorn, from Ohio, USA. The husband and wife took over and to the next level the former pregnancy help network Alternatives to Abortion International (AAI), founded by obstetrician John Hillabrand and Lore Maier, a refugee from Nazi Germany. Every year, only in the United States, the Heartbeat centers save from abortion around 160,000 unborn children (one child every four minutes!). This is more than half the total number of American children saved from abortion by all the pregnancy help centers in this country.

Pregnancy Help News: “Don’t lose heart!”: Romania’s “Heart of the Future” Honored at International Pro-life Conference

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