Bucharest March for Life 2023: What we are doing now will yield results for future generations

Photo: Gabi Ispas

Basilica.ro, March 25, 2023 – “Supporters of the March for Life realize that they may not see results in their lifetime,” Teodora Diana Paul stressed on Saturday at the March for Life 2023 “The future is pro-life” held in the Capital city of Romania.

“Everything we do today will yield results for the future generations, for the children of today’s generation, and for their children’s children. One day, abortion will become unthinkable,” added the young woman, who is president of Bucharest’s Students for Life organization.

The pro-life students’ association and Romania for Life Association organised together the Bucharest March for Life, which ended with speeches and testimonies mixed with musical moments offered by the pro-life volunteers and vocal artist Iustina Irimia Cenușă.

Photo: Ionuț Stoica

“In pro-life activities, we understand that we are part of a transformation, but this transformation is the result of valuable long-term construction. With effort, things are definitely starting to go in the right direction”, said Teodora Diana Paul.

She also recalled that, among the many countries where the march is organised, Romania and the Republic of Moldova stand out for the highest number of cities and towns where pro-life activities are held.

“Perhaps it is a moral duty, because we have an extremely sad past regarding children who could not be born, a past that inertially continues today. But we do what we do not only to redeem a wrong, but, above all, to propose a good thing for the future,” added the president of Bucharest’s Students for Life.

The young woman also thanked Patriarch Daniel for the pro-life message His Beatitude transmitted on the eve of the event and for the blessing given to the Romanian Patriarchate’s press centre to cover the activities in the Month for Life.

In her speech at the event, Alexandra Nadane, president of Romania for Life Association, referred to the large number of cities and towns where pro-life activities are held this month – 1100, which is “a first. It is the highest number ever,” she said.

Alexandra Nadane, president of Romania for Life, at the March for Life 2023 in Bucharest. Photo: Studenți pentru viață / Andreea Lupu

“Several hundred thousand Romanians participated in the activities. We thank God for working in so many hearts to make this happen. But the most moving thing is not this huge number. The most moving thing is that every person, young or old, boy or girl, man or woman, who has participated in these activities has taken steps forward on a common path,” Alexandra Nadane added.

“This is the road on which we all march for Life. The road towards cherishing every human life. The road towards taking responsibility to protect and support every human life. Experience has shown that every gift, every good thing in this world is accompanied by the need to take responsibility for it.”

The earthly goal of the March for Life is to make abortion unthinkable, but “the end of the road is not there. This road goes beyond the earthly end of life. It goes across the world to take us to the Kingdom for which man was created – the Kingdom of God’s eternal love,” stressed Alexandra Nadane.

“Through love which works good deeds, we walk the path of Infinite Love which today becomes Man. By supporting women and their unborn children, we stand by the Child conceived today, Jesus Christ, and His Precious Mother, and we also put ourselves in the thought of the Creator and Patron of life.”

The March for Life 2023 “The Future is Pro-Life” took place on Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Bucharest (pictured above) and in numerous other cities in Romania and Moldova. Photo: Studenți pentru viață / Andreea Lupu

“I think the March for Life can be interpreted and thought in the key of adoption, because adoption means birth. Adoption is a gift, adoption means continuity of life,” said artist Iustina Irimia Cenușă, herself an adoptive mother.

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, vocal artist Iustina Irimia Cenușă sang at Bucharest’s March for Life and spoke about the importance of adoption. Photo: Ionuț Stoica

“You should know that adoption procedures have become much easier lately and, if you have ever thought of taking this step, I urge you to contact the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection in the counties where you live.”

Pro-life testimonies were also presented within the event. Roxana Muthi, a nursing student and new mother, told how she overcame her pregnancy crisis with the help of ROUA Centres.

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Roxana Muthi spoke at Bucharest’s March for Life. She gave testimony about how she overcame her pregnancy crisis with the help of the ROUA Centres. Photo: Ionuț Stoica

“I would like to say to all women, mothers and even men: ask for help, because it exists and because there is no shame in asking for support, because we are human and we need people around us, so that we can be well and happy, as many souls as possible next to each other!” said Roxana Muthi.

Maria Ionescu, a third-year Theology – Social Work student, told how she survived through her mother’s courage to resist family pressure to abort her.

“It is very important to support mothers in pregnancy crisis or in certain life problems. If it wasn’t for my maternal grandmother supporting her and my mother not having that strength to assume raising a child alone, I wouldn’t be talking to you today.”

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Maria Ionescu spoke at Bucharest’s March for Life. She gave testimony about how her mother overcame a pregnancy crisis and gave birth to her. Photo: Ionuț Stoica

“I am very happy for the fact that I am alive and give glory to God,” the 21-year-old added. “And to Our Lady, because I have never, ever felt alone. I also thank my father because his absence from my life made me appreciate God’s presence in my life, to be aware of it.”

“Whatever happens in life, my opinion is that God doesn’t leave you. Whenever you fall, get up and you will be saved,” Maria Ionescu added.

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Anca Miron spoke at Bucharest’s March for Life about the right to life of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. Photo: Ionuț Stoica

Anca Miron, who has Down syndrome, drew attention to the fact that up to 96% of people with Down syndrome are aborted.

“I, as well as other people with Down syndrome, are here today because our families have chosen to support us and to be there for us when it is hardest,” she said. “But we’re just like anyone else. You can find us next to you at work, on trips or at shows.”

“Even if we have fewer skills, we can give you all our love, a smile and a hug when you are tired or upset. Thank you very much and have a beautiful spring!” concluded Anca Miron.

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Dr Alexandru Voropanov, a paediatrician, spoke at Bucharest’s March for Life. Photo: Ionuț Stoica

Alexandru Voropanov, a pro-life paediatrician, also sent an appeal for love: “Children are a gift from God and we all have to support life”, said the doctor, a former volunteer of Bucharest’s Students for Life Association.

This year’s edition of the Bucharest March for Life saw a premiere: the kids’ space, with activities coordinated by teacher Ioana Revnic and writer-illustrator Veronica Iani. Photo: Veronica Iani

For the first time, workshops for children were organised at this year’s March for Life in Bucharest, as many parents and their children are taking part. The children’s area and related activities were coordinated by Ioana Revnic, from the “Tell me a story for the soul” Association, and writer and illustrator Veronica Iani, helped by several volunteers.

In parallel with the Bucharest March for Life, similar marches were held on Annunciation Day in many cities and towns of Romania and Moldova.

The march is the culmination of a series of events entitled Month for Life. Local organisers are independent of each other and each takes responsibility for the message they promote.

For the first time this year, activities within the Month for Life were held in Romanian communities from Italy, Spain and Germany. The number of places where at least one pro-life activity took place has reached 1100 this year.

The March for Life 2024 will take place on 30 March and the theme will be announced later.

The March for Life Romania and Moldova movement does not focus on bans, but promotes affirmative legislative changes that create a friendly environment for raising children and supporting women.

The March for Life 2023 “The future is pro-life”  reiterates the pro-life movement’s proposals of policies to support mothers and children.

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