VIDEO with English transcript. A Romanian mother’s ordeal. Dr Camelia Smicala, Finland: “Only united we can save my children and the thousands of children literally imprisoned throughout Europe”

Romania’s Coalition for Family and the Civic Platform IMPREUNA (“TOGETHER”) organize on November 11, 2017, a meeting in support of Dr Camelia Smicala, a Romanian mother from Finland whose children, Romanian citizens, are abusively held by the child protection authorities in Finland. Before the event, in a LIVE video on Facebook, Dr Camelia Smicala, a Romanian citizen who resides for many years in Finland, has revealed the totalitarian practices of a state that many of us hold as a paragon of progress. She launches a bitter warning to protect natural family from public policies which favor state intrusion on ideological grounds.

Read below the integral English transcript of her intervention, followed by more details about her case.

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English transcript

Good evening!

I am trying a short LIVE, because there are protests tomorrow and I won’t be able to be there.

I apologize, I am very tired, I woke up at half past five and I drove 160 kilometers to work. Then I saw my children, Mihai and Maria, of course, separately, one hour and a half for each of them.

I am still distressed after the meetings. Maria is very scared. She’s afraid she might do or say something which could make out meetings stop. As far as I could see, she was threatened that, if she wants to go to ballet or to the church, she could not see me anymore.

Mihai is sad. Mihai told me he was tormented by children in school. The children laugh at him because he is from a children’s home. I tried to cheer them up as much as I could. Maria managed to laugh a little just to make me cheerful.

I left them with a grieving heart. I want to thank everybody who stand by us, who have been to protests in our support before, although we are just some strangers to you. I want to thank all who support me on Facebook, on Messenger and through other channels. I could not have endured this without your help.

I want to kindly ask you to take some of your time and go to the protests. I cannot be there, because I cannot leave Finland. But I shall be there with my heart.

Not only for my children. In Finland are thousands of cases of children abducted from their families, mostly based on hilarious reasons. In the Nordic Countries there is a… I’m sorry, it’s very hard for me to talk… In the Nordic Countries a so-called child protection system has been established which actually works against the children.

Tens of thousands of children are simply abducted from their families and then quite many are given to adoption to homosexual couples. The goal is the destruction of family as a basic unit of society.

If nobody opposes it, the same system will soon be introduced in Romania as well.

People have been talking about Finland. I want to tell you it’s not about Finland as a country. There are… thousands of children taken away from their families. Finnish people who had their children taken away have no possibility to protect themselves. Quite many of them have asked for my help and Romania’s help.

Surely the situation is the same in other countries as well. I believe God has somehow chosen Romania and Romanians to protect children’s rights.

What Norway has done was a warning sign. There has been a warning, but the situation has not been solved. I want to thank the Bodnariu family, who support us. I want to tell you that justice has not been done to them. Nobody has been sanctioned for what happened to them. Just as noboy has paid for what they did to the Nan family. Even the children have been returned to their family homes, they remained with deep wounds, while this system is working on.

Our case has reached far. We have presented it at the UN, at the ECHR with your help, with the help of Romania’s ambassador to Helsinki, Mr. Razvan Rotundu, whom I wish to thank, with the help of Mr. Doru Coliu, of Mr. Constantin Codreanu, of Matei Dobrovie, of (Romanian) Minister (Andreea) Pastarnac and of Romanian Prime-Minister Tudose, actually the only premier who took interest in our case and offered us legal assistance – at least for the criminal lawsuit.

Since our case has reached so far in courts, if we continue the fight, we can create jurisprudence, a legal precedent based on which other cases could be solved.

I have taken the risk to talk in public again, despite the fact that they have tried to annihilate me by all possible methods. They tried to kill me, they have taken all my money, all I have worked for in 20 years as a medical doctor, so they have bankrupted me. They have taken away my working place. I was literally chased away from the city of Tampere.

Nevertheless, I have not given up and I consider this (ed.n. – speaking in public) as the only defense I am left with. Justice doesn’t work. International treaties, human rights, children’s rights are only papers. Nothing can compel a country to enforce them. There are no coercive measures allowing sanctioning of a country which does not respect these rights. ECHR will only apply some fees worth a few thousands Euros but it cannot force that country to change its system or do something towards respecting human rights.

I believe only with your help and only united we can save my children and the thousands of children literally imprisoned throughout Europe. At least in the Nordic Countries there are tens of thousands.

My children are literally imprisoned. Their detention is more severe than a prison. They don’t have the right to speak to their family in private. They are still not allowed to go to church. They are not permitted a normal life, their childhood has been completely taken away from them.

I won’t say anything about myself, it really doesn’t matter. But please go to the protests for my children and for all the children imprisoned by the so-called European “child protection services”.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God repay you.

God bless!

Background. The Camelia Smicala story

Dr Camelia Smicala is a medical doctor of Romanian origin who married a Finnish businessman and established with her family in Finland. In addition to her daughter from a previous marriage, they had together two kids, Johan Mihail and Maria Alexandra. Eventually, Dr Smicala got a divorce on grounds of domestic violence. She was given custody of her children and was also granted a home at a confidential address to protect her and her children from the former violent husband.

Yet, in 2015, the child protection authorities forcefully took away Johan Mihail (11) and Maria Alexandra (10) and enrolled them in separate state-run homes for children. For a long time, their mother was not allowed to contact them. She was also dragged by authorities in a criminal lawsuit in which they accused her of attacking the child protection agents.

The Romanian government paid for legal protection in that lawsuit, proving it was the other way round. Actually the agents had been violent towards the Romanian family. Recently, the Romanian Minister for Romanians Abroad has visited Dr Smicala and her children, asking the Finnish authorities to permit the evaluation of the case by a joint Romanian-Finnish committee. The Finnish have been only a little responsive so far, while the children, at a recent visit by the Romanian ambassador to Finland clearly said they wanted to be home with their mother.

Dr Smicala alleges the ordeal began when authorities suspected she was about to move back to Romania with her children. On the court decisions given in order to remove the children from home, the only reason given was that “the children have double citizenship” (Finnish and Romanian).

UPDATE. Embassy of Finland to Bucharest, Romania. LIVE VIDEO from the support meeting for Camelia Smicala

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