The Constitutional Court of Romania to rule on a memorandum filed by homosexual couple married abroad who claim the Romanian state infringes upon their right to family life

The Constitutional Court of Romania is working on a memo filed last year by a homosexual couple „married” in Belgium and residing in Romania. The two claim that, as the Romanian state fails to recognize their union, this infringes upon their right to family life and to free travel across the EU

Last year, their cause was supported  by the head of the National Council for Combating Discrimination, but the Government and the Public Ministry (an equivalent of the General Attorney) presented technical points of view showing their request was unfounded. Regarding their claim that Romanian law thus restricts their right to free travel across EU, the Constitutional Court of Romania has decided to ask for an opinion from the European Court of Justice. The answer should be recieved by the end of March 2017.

The couple who filed the petition is made of Clabourn Hamilton, US citizen, and Adrian Coman, Romanian citizen, former leader of Romanian gay rights movement. Until 2001, Mr Coman has led the Romanian LGBT organization ACCEPT, was deputy manager of the Soros-founded Open Society Institute in Romania and parliamentary assistant to gay-friendly Monica Macovei, Romanian member of the EU Parliament. Mr Coman currently works with global ARCUS Foundation, based in New York, US, and Cambridge, UK, whose declared mission is to shape the world for „diversity” and „drive progress toward a future of respect and dignity for all”.


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