Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The March for Life 2020 “For Life. For Parents. For Children” gets online on May 17

The March for Life 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. Teenager carries a sign reading: “MY body, YOUR choice, Mommy” (Photo: Raluca Ene /

( – The Romania and Republic of Moldova March for Life 2020 “For Life. For Parents. For Children” was programmed for March 28. After all public events were cancelled because of the pandemic, the March for Life has been reprogrammed for next Sunday, May 17, which is the National Day of Family in Romania.

Although public meeting restrictions will continue beyond May 15, there are no restrictions whatsoever online. So we are free to announce a premiere: The March for Life Romania and the Republic of Moldova 2020 gets online on Sunday, May 17!

Whether you are from Bucharest, from the Romanian diaspora, from the Republic of Moldova or from the Northern Bukovina, we invite you to join us in celebrating the most beautiful gift in the world: the Gift of Life!

Why support Life and why join this March online?

Because Love defeats abortion, as we stated in our first press release of the year, which you can read here.

Because only Love, Solidarity, and Support can defeat indifference, doubt and ignorance which are prevalent, making up a tragic context which favors the loss of so many children’s lives and deeply hurts so many parents and especially women.

Solidarity unites pro-life people and helps the pro-life message reach further. Love changes hearts.  And it inspires people to get involved however they can: some offer punctual help to women in pregnancy crisis, other set up pregnancy help organizations and centers or offer support for them. This support saves children’s lives and their parents’ conscience.

Does it concern you?

YES! You don’t need to be a microbiology expert to understand why it’s worth supporting Life!

First of all, your mother, your parents chose Life for you, so you can see you have million reasons to be thankful for being born and also help other to be born!


  • If you have been through a pregnancy crisis, then you know how it is to be deprived of support and options and you naturally wish that other women receive the support they need to overcome their crisis!
  • If your child was diagnosed in utero with a certain medical condition, you know how strong the social pressure towards abortion feels and you naturally support other parents facing similar issues!
  • If you lost a pregnancy or your child at birth and saw how much society misunderstands this drama, you can find comfort helping other parents who go through the same pain!
  • If you have a large family, you know how difficult is to leave behind the uncomfortable questions and the reproachful looks that you get for having chosen to give birth to many children. But this will give you strength to encourage other parents who have chosen the same path!
  • If you had a moment when you saw how much somebody else’s support matters – be it support from a friend or the community –, then you understand how much a helping hand matters. So open your heart to those who are going through similarly difficult situations and don’t let them alone!

Even though many of the above situations are unknown to you, don’t hesitate to talk to your relatives, friends or acquaintances. You will soon find some who were confronted with such issues. And they are not so far as you might think. They are among us. Some may have been through critical moments without you even knowing it and without letting you stand by them through the ordeal. 

The March for Life 2020 Online at Bucharest

The March for Life 2020 online at Bucharest is organized by Studenți pentru viață (“Romania’s Pro-Life Students”) Association in partnership with România pentru viață (“Romania for Life”) Association on Sunday, May 17, at 18:00 hours, LIVE on the Marșul pentru viață București (“Bucharest March for Life”) Facebook page.

We want you to join us, so please find below the schedule of our March for Life Online event.

We shall meet online our keynote speakers:

  • Eliza-Maria Cloțea – President of Studenți pentru viață Association,
  • Alexandra Nadane – President of România pentru viață,
  • Raluca Blejușcă – pro-life singer and a mother of five,
  • Lavinia Stan – parental coach and a mother of six,
  • Adelina Fronea – President of LifeCall Association,
  • Alex Ilie – Executive Director of the Alliance Romania without Orphans and father of four adopted children.

The speeches will be followed by the Live for Life Concert, featuring artists Raluca Blejușcă, Alma Boiangiu, Ioana Picoș and Ana Teodora.

The Life Supporters’ Gala 2020 Online

If the March for Life gets online, then, the Life Supporters’ Gala also gets online.

We are preparing a special edition. We shall bring you people who build pro-life projects with enthusiasm and dedication. We invite you to join us then!

And, since awards do not come without work and involvement, before the Gala we suggest you participate in five pro-life online activities which are more important than you would think:

1. Share pro-life articles, testimonies and online banners on social media;

2. Print one of the pro-life signs available here or draw a pro-life sign yourself. Make a photo or even a video clip with it wherever you are and post it on social media using the hashtag #mpv2020online.

3. Make drawings, signs, online banners, video clips, write essays or poems about family and register them in the contest series “Romania’s Got Pro-Life Talent 2020”, organized by România pentru viață.

4. Register for the online screening of the “Unplanned” movie, scheduled on Friday, May 15, at 19:00 hours. The screening will be followed by a debate on Zoom moderated by Emanuel Buta. You can register by sending an email at

5. If you have children, register them for a “Tell Me a Story for the Soul” Workshop, presented by Ioana Revnic, writer, teacher and storyteller, on Sunday, May 17, at 12:00 hours. You can register by sending an email at

Come join us in the March for Life 2020 Online!

#hailamars (“letsmarch”) #mpv2020online (“mfl2020online”) #pentruviatapentruparintipentrucopii (“4life4parents4children”)

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