Bogdan Duca, Romanian conservative blogger: “To be fully able to reach totalitarianism, we need first to turn sexuality into public domain, political issue and topic of reflection for the whole society”

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Bogdan Duca, a Romanian conservative blogger, has an essay on different approaches to sexuality and their social implications. His reflections were occasioned by a series of virally spread photos of 15-year olds performing an explicitly sexual game at a sophomores’ ball, under the complicit supervision of their adult teachers. This prompted Bogdan Duca to write about sexuality and the distorted way we have come to view it., October 26th, 2017 – I have seen many pretending that the case involving bananas and high-school students is not big deal. They said nobody is without sin. Right?

Right. None of us is without sin. Teenage time, which coincides with high-school, is a time when we become aware of our sexuality – and some even begin to experiment with it.

This is natural and presents a challenge to the Christian traditional sexual morality, which was born in an epoch when incipient sexuality was soon followed by marriage.

Now marriage is neither for teen age, nor for early youth. Yet, sexual instinct becomes active in preteen years.

They are right about one thing: it is hypocritical to say: “Wow, some 14-15-year olds know about oral sex!” But what are they wrong about in all this? Their fault is not being able to understand the real dimension of the problem.

The problem is not sexuality. Even the most ascetical Christian, if he does not want to fall prey to heresy, should admit that sexuality is the creation and gift of God, not some diabolical stuff.

Sexuality is the way through which the most wonderful thing in the whole creation happens: new life. Sexuality is the bodily fulfillment of love and a source of pleasure.

That is why sexuality as a whole involves:

  • rational responsibility (you know the sexual act can bring about new life of which you are responsible as a parent);
  • the lovers’ spiritual joy (the meeting of lovers, fulfilled in sexual touching);
  • physical pleasure (wanting to reach orgasm and to enjoy the sexual act itself).

The trouble is that the three cannot be dealt with separately: we cannot have sex AND be 100% sure that we won’t become parents (except for the pathological cases of sterility), one cannot turn the sexual act into abuse against someone who doesn’t like us, just as we cannot enjoy a sexual relationship with someone whom we don’t like.

A sexual act that does not take into account all the three aspects mentioned above is a failed one with possibly traumatic and even tragic consequences.

And all these three aspects can be understood, accepted, and lived only in intimacy. Sexuality, like love and maternity/paternity are very intimate and can only be accomplished within the protective discretion of intimacy. Taking them outside intimacy will destroy them.

Although we have been encouraged to think that it has always been like that, the insistent attempts to destroy intimacy started just about 60 years ago and they primarily targeted sexual life.

Sexual “liberation” actually means refusing to take responsibility for the possible fruit of one’s sexuality (which is giving birth to a child), it means destroying the idea of love and turning physical pleasure into a selfish act.

The goal is obvious: once sexuality has been “liberated”, it will open way to every imaginable “freedom”: the freedom to refuse responsibility, the freedom to be selfish, the freedom to transgress the natural limits of being human.

The most terrible embodiment of this emancipation from the so-called “traditional” morality is abortion: killing the child with the consent of its parents.

This freedom from morality opens way to the most terrible and twisted forms of totalitarianism: nothing can be more easily controlled than a being based on instincts. The communists and the Nazis sensed that but they were fortunately unable to go all the way through with it.

To be fully able to reach totalitarianism, we need first to turn sexuality into public domain, political issue and topic of reflection for the whole society.

Classical Antiquity had the citizen as human ideal, the Classical Middle Ages the good Christian, Renaissance the universal man, Enlightenment the rational man. The ideal of the Brave New World that we have been building for 60 years is the sexually aroused man.

It is an unprecedented reversal in the history of our civilization: the aroused man represents the only human ideal who does not exercise responsibility and who lets himself led by instincts instead of reason or faith.

This new man is happy like all the animals that have their instincts satisfied. And, more importantly, this new man is obedient: he will never challenge the social order as long as he can screw and eat. Disciplining through sex is the secret to a perfect society of slaves.

This explains the rave that has been going on for 50 years, sexualizing everything under the Sun. Even sanitary alcohol has on its label a lady looking like a porno star.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, sexuality is first and foremost promoted. You are encouraged to be sexy, love is mistaken for sex and every sexual expression enjoys lots of attention.

Now even the school encourages the imitation of oral sexual acts as entertainment for teenage students. Nevertheless, were the sexual acts genuine, the involved students would be expelled. This does not necessarily mean that the school is inconstant. It simply means that… the toilet grants a certain intimacy. And for sexuality to be cool, it needs to be as public as possible.

Just think of the change in thinking brought about by the homosexual parades, which are in fact open-air orgies (not yet in Romania, where these events are usually not made of homosexuals, but of heterosexual activists, diplomatic staff from Western embassies and… police). But for more and more people in the West, these orgy-parades have become natural everyday facts.

To conclude my exhortation, which has been a bit too long for any reasonable blog reader: sexuality without intimacy turns into a social monster, with political consequences leading to degeneration and totalitarianism.

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