28-week pregnant Romanian TV anchor Anca Serea publishes her fifth child’s first photo: an ultrasound!

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This April, well-known Romanian TV news presenter Anca Serea will give birth to her fifth child.

Anca Serea was first married to Romanian businessman Filip Poplingher. They had two children together: David (born in 1991) and Sarah (1997). In 2010, when the children were 9, respectively, 3 years old, her husband passed away with leukemia. “We have fought the disease for three years. It was a very sad story. He was a perfectly healthy man. He was 36. He had been a professional swimmer before”, Anca Serea said.

Anca Serea remarried Romanian singer and music producer Adrian Sînă. They have had Noah, in 2012, and Ava-Stephanie (in 2014). Now she is pregnant again and due to give birth in April.

At Focus Magazin TV show, on Prima TV Romanian channel, she spoke about her fifth child:

I can feel he’s a boy. He will be welcome. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. We thought to keep him in our room in the first months. The children reacted very well, Sarah would have liked to have a sister. David was very honest and told us there are contraceptive methods. If it is a boy, his name will be a biblical one: Petru (Peter) or Moise (Moses), and if it is a girl, her name will be Leila or Ana.

Anca Serea also showed an exclusive image with the child ultrasound, saying:

Photo: Prima TV
Photo: Prima TV

The doctor keeps telling me there is a 70% chance to be a boy. I shall have a natural birth, as good God has left it. We, as women, are very strong. The first pregnancy was the toughest, with David. Then pain subsided. We have always said we wanted more little children.

Some of the online commentators have blamed her for being pregnant again: “You have nothing better to do?” or “It is time you stopped! You are becoming bigoted!”. Other more aggressive commentators suggested that she had become a member of some religious tough-line community. To this, Anca Serea has responded, as quoted by WoWBiz.ro:

I respect the opinion of the people who visit, read and comment on my social media posts and on my website. About my private life, I can say that I am a truly faithful Christian, I believe in God and I live with the desire to please Him. I believe in His power, because He shows Himself to me in all the things He sends me. If I were a member of a different denomination, I would not dare to comment on somebody else’s religion. Everybody is free to live as they please. People know the church where we have had our marriage ceremony, where we have baptized our children and where we go and take the Holy Communion.


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