International Forum Large Family and Future of Humanity. Interview with Patrick Buckley, UN Consultant, President of European Life Network, UK

patrick buckley


What was the most important reason (a personal one) that made you get involved in pro-life activities?
Well, I saw the onward march of the culture of death and I thought it had to be opposed, so here I am.

What are your thoughts and expectations regarding this forum?
I have great hopes for this forum, because this is the fight back, this is the sort of movement that we need to counter the culture of death and to counter all of the anti-family and anti-life regulations that have been happening around the world.

What is your message for Romanian families?
The most important message today is to make sure that you protect your children, make sure that the families have many children. It is important to reject abortion and to uphold and support the family in every impossible way tht you can.

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