Gabriele Kuby: “Do not think that good things come from the West. Romania is not behind. The contrary is true”


by Stefana Totorcea

Between November 3rd and 6th, 2014, German sociologist Gabriele Kuby was in Romania to promote her newly translated book The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, through a series of conferences held in Iasi, Bacau, Constanta and Bucharest. has had the privilege of an exclusive interview with this catholic author and mother of three.

Your book about the Sexual Revolution was characterized by some people as a shock. What do you think it was so shocking about it?

To most people it’s a shock because you see the whole picture of the sexual global revolution that is going on. Most people see our values aren’t stable, our families aren’t stable, homosexuality is everywhere and they do not see what is behind it. In my book I hope I am able to give the whole picture of the global sexual revolution. It hides behind this concept of gender, which most people don’t know what it’s about. The core of it is the deregulation of sexual standards.

This is what is happening in all the Western countries and it’s spreading everywhere.

People will deride you, will say you love the conspiracy theory.

I’ve 18 pages of sources for what I say, I’m aware that I’m writing against the mainstream. I’m here in a country which until 1989 was under communist dictatorship, so you know more than I do, about resistance, about mainstream, about forcing things onto a society.

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Could you make a comparison between the damage brought to family by communism and the damage brought about by anti-family feminism and gender ideology? Please tell us about the new totalitarianism, which has promised, like all totalitarian regimes, happiness and freedom.

These ideologies have a lot in common, but it is not visible. They have in common to go against the family, to make it very hard to – if not impossible – for parents to educate their own children, to keep them in a space where people become strong, they have strong identity through their family. Totalitarian dictatorships fight against this. Gender ideology or genderism is doing exactly that, but it is much more hidden. It is not a pressure which we can immediately realize, but it is sold to us with freedom. The subtitle of my book is “Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom”. And there’s a second similarity which I think we should be really aware of. For totalitarian systems, not only communists, but also Nazis, their greatest enemy was the Church. They destroyed churches, they simply pulled them down, they killed priests, they killed bishops, they put them into prisons and they tortured them and so on. The Nazis did that, the communists did that. And this movement now is not yet torturing, but it’s beginning to put people into prison – that is already happening – and it’s completely fighting against the Catholic Church, for instance, against its representation at the United Nations and the European Union. That is the main enemy.

There’s a similarity and, although now all pretends to be freedom, tolerance, anti-discrimination and all these words, which are really hollow, and they are really used to turn around values and to deceive people, to manipulate their minds, we should see there are similarities. They want to take away the power from the parents, they want to destroy the family, uproot people, to destroy their identity, which is now going deeper than ever before.

I had the great privilege and honor and opportunity to visit Pope Benedict the 16th this year. And he calls it an “anthropological revolution”. He talks about the deep untruth of this ideology. What he actually said in that private visit was: “The Anti-Christ goes deeper into the human being than ever before”. We, human beings, have changed the root of what it is to be a human being, which is attacked by an ideology that says there is no man and woman. We want to dissolve the identity of man and woman. And [it also says that] any kind of sexuality is ok and should be respected, tolerated. And if we are against it we are put down as homophobic who are discriminating and so on.

They are already preparing laws which actually put people into jail and fine them with high fines if they say this is not right.

If the Sexual Revolution aims to eliminate all identity differences between man and woman, why does it insist today for special rights to be granted to women? In other words, why fight for women rights if sexual identity becomes fluid and superfluous, disconnected from anatomical determinations and just a matter of choice?

Exactly. That is an inner contradiction. The whole ideology is just full of contradictions. Judith Butler, whose book, Gender trouble. Subversion of Identity, has started all this, giving it for and words and ideology, was aware of that. And other professors of gender studies are aware of this contradiction and we can quite aptly say we just use the woman issue because we need to have that kind of support. We pretend we are fighting for women but in reality we are destroying gender identity and this whole fight for human rights will collapse once woman has the power of a man, which is what is really happening.

What will happen to man and woman in the eventuality that the Sexual Revolution wins and we will have a society based on its precepts?

We have many signs already. If we prolong them into the future, it does not look very well: families are destroyed, marriage is destroyed. Not women, but women’s organizations and European organizations keep putting the message out that all women are victims, all men are rapists and predators of women. So, men lose interest in becoming fathers, women lose interest in becoming mothers. We see that quite openly in the demographic crisis we are in. This will very soon lead to very severe problems in our society, even in our rich Germany. Because our social systems will be unable to keep the standards we have now. These standards now still allow peace. People get the money they just need. Once that falls down – and it will very soon, because we do not have children who work, who pay taxes, who pay social welfare contributions – the social system cannot work and then we go into that area where brutality and violence will be very present in our societies. It is beginning: in Paris, in London, suddenly parts of these towns are in flames. We will see. In your country there’s a lot of poverty. But poverty is also beginning to show in areas of Germany. When the economic system will not allow this material welfare to be the same as it is now, then I think something else will happen: we will not occupy ourselves with issues of homosexuality, of changing your gender and all this madness anymore.

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These matters concern only 1.6% of the population (not 3%, not 5%, not 10%, but 1.6% say are homosexuals, according to a new official study of the Centers for Disease Control in the US). Of these 1.6% of the population, only 2-3% go into same sex partnerships. Why? Because they have a promiscuous life. Because that is their lifestyle. So look at the society, for future generations. What are they doing? Why are they changing the value system, changing their whole legal system for a minority of a minority, which is under 1%?

Some people do not understand why it is so bad to talk to children about sex in schools. What would you tell them?

A sexualized child loses its childhood. Childhood is defined by an area in which the child can grow up, and play… Childhood is un-sexual. And family needs to have an area which is not sexualized. Sex happens between the parents and nowhere else. If that breaks down, childhood breaks down. One cannot imagine what is happening in schools in US, in Germany, in all the Western countries. If children are forced to speak about their sexuality in school, which is happening, if they look at these pictures, which are so obscene and pornographic, they lose their sense of shame. It is necessary for human beings to have a sense of shame. Absolutely necessary! Even Sigmund Freud said that, if you destroy the sense of shame, you cannot educate people anymore.

If we push children into early sexual experiences, beginning in kindergarten, teaching them contraception in schools, preparing them for “the first time”, young people, before they are even mature, before they can even vote, will have lots of very painful experiences. And they will begin to doubt and lose the ability to bond to a person. Bonding is necessary for marriage, is necessary for family. If you are very wounded before you’re even 18 or 20, you lose this ideal: “Yes, I want to find a person, yes I want to have a family”. You lose that. You don’t dare, you don’t believe in it anymore. So, we are destroying the ability to form a family, which is totally against what young people want. Because all polls and surveys show young people say: “Our ideal of a life is to have a family”. Our generation should make them capable inwardly and psychologically make them capable of forming a family and using their sexuality in the right way. Apart from this, sexually transmitted diseases are rocketing everywhere and they make people infertile. And homosexuality has very high risks. We should tell the young generation about the risks, but we are not allowed and homosexual couples are invited [to talk about them] in schools.

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To what degree are EU institutions entitled to implement policies based on gender ideology?

They’re full steam behind it. The EU and UN do everything they can to undermine the family, to undermine our value system. They call it “human rights”: they push for homosexual marriage in every country, they push for gender mainstreaming, they push for quotas for women, push for putting children in daycare. They can do this. They are doing it. Can they? Yes, they can. They are very powerful. There are political and economic forces behind it. But the good news is resistance is awakening: in France, in Lithuania, where they banned homosexual propaganda in schools, in Hungary they have a Christian Constitution, in Croatia they have a referendum saying only man and woman can form a marriage, in Slovakia the same. So, in the EU Parliament resistance is building up. So something is happening. People are beginning to wake up.

I do what I can with my book. It has quite an influence on waking people up to what is happening. In every position we have in society, let us put all our capacities or weight into the struggle and say: “No!”

What advice could you give to Romanians and all people who are interested in keeping their family and identity intact?

First of all, do not think you are behind. Do not think good things come from the West, the opposite is true. Very evil things are coming from the West, actually. I heard the news today. It said there are some NGOs who say Romania has to keep up [with sexual education as implemented in the West]. You can be very happy that this has not yet been destroyed in your country. And you should mobilize your country with any kind of coalition you can find, with anybody, go over all borders, find anybody in your country to fight this. They are after your children! They will sexualize your children and sexualizing children brings down the culture. It brings down the family. It is the root. So you should do everything you can. And you could be happy and glad that communism protected you from the ’68 revolution. You still have a conservative value system. There are still a lot of people who believe that [natural] family’s ok, that homosexuality is not the right thing. So get the message out that you’re not behind. The contrary is true. You can be very happy that this has not yet happened. Because we are destroying society and the European Union is at the very front of doing this.

Citeste articolul integral in limba romana pe

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